"Automagically" log in?

I was just logging in a few minutes ago, and I noticed for the first time that underneath the log in form it says “Automagically log in.” I think that this might be a typo (considering that the “g” key is right underneath the “t” key), so I found it a little bit funny. It’s a small thing really, but I just figured that I should let mods know.

I would feel really stupid if it turned out that it was actually some sort of in-joke that I didn’t know about!

I’m almost always automatically logged in, so I had to log out to see this. That’s hilarious! Though I’m not sure if it’s accidental or not, I’d assume that it is.

Haha, I’d never seen that before. Good eye, Ding! But you never know, it might be on purpose. :laughing:

I’ve seen that since my first time logging in here (I’m a nerdy reader! :laughing:) I always thought it was done on purpose myself. Being that it always signs you in, it’s like ‘magic’. shrugs But now that you do mention it, it could be a typo . . .

Me too I always thought it was on purpose,even though I’ve noticed it before.Boy,I bet the Mods will get a kick out of this… :laughing:

Okay, I too had to go log out just so I could see that. Whether that’s intentional or not, I think it should be kept that way. Its got character :slight_smile:

It makes me think of Fantasia, for some reason…