Avatar: the Last Airbender

Guess that’s good gor 1 season.

It’s not enough! :frowning:

^^ Agreed. It should be more.

I have an idea. Cancel Fanboy and chum Chum, and put it’s money into this.

How freakin awesome would it be if they made an actually good movie out of Avatar: The Last Airbender? Seriously, it would be awesome. The movie they’ve made? Oh MAN, I don’t think so.

And as for Korra, I’m not sure. It could be either really good or really disappointing.

Cancel fanboy and chum chum. What a waste of Nick showtime.

Thank you!

Amen to that.

I read kids on Youtube who hate that show.

If Nickelodeon is smart, they’d cancel that show.

I used to watch Avatar alot when it first came out around 2004 or 2005. Is the new series a continuation or just a spin-off to the original series?

A continuation after about 70 years concerning Aang’s next reincarnation.

I just realized how much Aang is like Captain America…trapped in ice…older than he looks…Hmm…

It’s also said all the original characters are dead.

But Toph DID have a daughter. That’s epic.

Wonder who she married.

Must be a real special guy to have caught her eye…ahem, caught her ear.

Maybe their tell anout it in Korra, along with Zuko and his mom.

Oh God, Zuko’s mom was one of the things that KILLED me about Avatar! :frowning: I wonder what happened.

yep, i hope tell tell about it in a flashback or something.

I used to think A:TLA was so lame, but after I watched one episode, I fell in love with it.
An really good show, ALthough I only started to like it after it was completed. Though I will admit, there were quite a few episodes that were really boring._.

The Legend of Korra seems pretty cool :slight_smile:
The lead girl looks so kickbutt X3