Avatar: the Last Airbender

There’s this topic about TV shows in general, but A:TLB is one of the most coolest shows I’ve ever seen. So who watches it?? Raise your glass and tell me your element! :slight_smile:

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Oh MAN. Avatar: The Last Airbender is my favorite TV show of all time. My favorite character is either Iroh or Appa hahaha

This show is really awesome. One of my all-time favorites for sure. I can’t wait for Korra :smiley:

There was seriously never a board made for this?

Oh boy, if you got me going on Avatar, you could never get me to stop. That’s for sure.
I was recently able to buy the three books on DVD (by recent I mean about a month ago), and was able to relive the show in it’s full glory.

Some episodes I had seen over a dozen times, and others I had only seen the day they first aired on Nick. It was heavy on nostalgia and a rather personal marathon for me, but I’m sure glad I ended up buying them. ;-p

I actually never got the chance to watch this show more, but the episodes that I have watched were really good. I wish I was more into it a while back.

My friend got me re-addicted to it last summer, and now I’m an Avatar nerd. There was an Avatar spirit day at my school this year (but, of course, they meant James Cameron’s not as cool Avatar) and some kids rebelled and dressed up as A:TLA characters. :smiley:

Anyone else super excited for Korra?

I am INCREDIBLY excited for Korra!

I kind of hope her hotheadness conflicts with Tenzin’s probable awesomeness and sage advice. Sort of like Zuko and Iroh- but at the same time different (if that makes sense). I hope his kids are okay though (after all little kids in fiction can be hit or miss depending). But a part of is like yay! The airbenders didn’t die out!

Also the earthbending/firebending brothers look amusing/interesting as is the idea of people being against bending. And the fact that it’s more technologically advanced may be my gateway drug to steampunk if it’s really good. (Never really even attempted to get into it before.)

I’m still a little sad Aang died so young, but it still looks pretty awesome, the animation seems to be pretty different though!

Yeah, if my calculations are correct, Aang died in his friggin mid-sixties. That’s just depressing. Oh, and I’m totally already shipping Korra/Mako, and I wasn’t even a Zutarian.

I just recently got into this show! After I saw the movie, I just wanted to know the rest of the story.

My fave characters are Yue :cry: , Katara, Suki, Toph, and Zuko <3.

I’m SUPER excited for Korra. Did you see the trailer?? She looks epic. It’s like a giant homecoming for all the Avatar geeks. @JustSoWall-eCrazy I LOOVE your siggy! :slight_smile:

mayfly005: Thank you very much.

From left to right, they’re names are:

Andy Breeze
Katelin Shivers
Seth Shivers
Toni Bette Forester
Zane Burns

Well it dosen’t take place in modern times right? People died at eailer ages in the past. But Avatar’s a great show and one of Nick’s last good shows.

While true, remember that some Avatars (like Kyoshi) lived 200+ years. Avatars are supposed to have very long lives, but according to the Word of God he died because he spent too long in the avatar state.

I would post a pic, but there’s been an error concerning a BMP. (whatever that is.) In any case, it’s of Aang appearing to Korra, (in the spirit realm) and he looks freakishly young to be dead, I’d pin it a 40 at the least, though we know her was probably seventy or sixty-five. (I might add that he grew up pretty good-looking. :astonished: )

He does look young.

I thought that was actually fanart.

That is so obviously fanart. :-\

well pretty darn good fanart if I do say so myself. That’s the exact pic I was going to upload! :slight_smile:

The one bad thing is I heard it’s onlu going to be a mini series.

Currently, its 26 episodes.