aZnCdn photoshop


put together a pic of me (as my car) with DJ & Wingo hanging out on a rooftop parking lot.

It would be

a dream for me if this pic came true.

[url=]Hanging out with the

Delinquents on a Rooftop Parking lot[/url]

[url=]Similar Pic but with

Candy in it.[/url]

[url=]DJ & Tia… So


[url=]Wingo & Tricked out



This one is my personal

favorite… [url=]DJ &


[url=]The Incredibles visit EPCOT at Disney


My first Ratatouille Pic


Whistles <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/youwhaaa.gif” alt=“o_0;;” title="You

Whaaa…" /> Wow, that’s really cool!

I want your car. Sooooo bad!!!

Thanks, you can get a used RSX for pretty cheap now

:slight_smile: That’s what I did.

Well, in northern Maine, pretty cheap is much different than the majority of other

places. things seem to be cheaper around here…How much did you mean by “pretty cheap?” :wink:

I think they can start around $8,000 for a used one.

Very neat, aZnCdn. Very, very neat. Man, if it

wasn’t for the telltale Honda sticker, your car would look just like it was in the

movie…Someone who wouldn’t know better probably couldn’t tell which one wasn’t! :stuck_out_tongue:

$8,000? That’s it? Wow, I’ll have to find a dealer that has one! :smiley:

Haha – awesome! Nice digital

work, aZnCdn. :wink:

[size=92]Me too! Hehe! :smiley:

You’ve got some very good Photoshopping


Mitch - Thanks!!!

Candy - Thanks, this was my

first Photoshop pic in years.

I look forward to working on some more!!!

aZnCdn - You are most

welcome! :wink:

Here’s one I worked on this


DJ & Tia… So Cute!!!

Heheh – very cute, aZnCdn!

Once again, nice digital work. :wink:

Amazing! What can i say, truely amazing. I think you are one of the greatest Delienquent Cars

fan I know.

aZnCdn- Wow, they’re so cool! I especially love the first one- it looks almost

real! :smiley:

Could you do one where the delienquent Cars are

racing in the Piston cup aZnCdn?

I wasn’t thinking piston cup but rahter having them going through the twisty

roads of Radiator Springs on the way to the wheel well. I need to find stills of the DRH in the proper angles. I

am working on one right now and then I will work on the one you mentioned.

I just want to see one where they are racing down the road or something. It

doesn’t nesecarilly have to be in the piston cup.

Ya the hardest part is finding the DRH in the right angles and positions, cause you can’t really alter

those properties in photoshop

Added two more pics, check

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