Badger's other art

Bawww, why’s there almost nobody commenting on my art. Am I not worthy of you guys or something? :frowning: :laughing:

Is it because I draw too much Mario art, perhaps?

…or something else?

Aw c’mon, brotherly love between 'em is cute. For some reason I always draw them hatless.

I swear, make me fangirl over another thing and I’ll change my art choice!!!1

Oh, anyone here know Conker?

Yeah, his girlfriend Berri decided to brush his tail. x3

I really love your rendering of the Tiny Terror. Luigi is not amused… :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you draw more dragons from HTTYD. I’m really eager to do the same, but I tend to procrastinate the good stuff for some reason. Try to draw Hiccup!

If you can remember the exact brush/tool you used to make Toothless and Dug’s background, that would be helpful. Otherwise, it’s okay. :slight_smile:

I like the Mario bros on the field looking at the sky. Very serene and tranquil, and a rare moment of peace in between jumping on living mushrooms and sliding down plumbing pipes.

The brotherly love picture is a tad too melodramatic for me. I mean, could you make it any more obvious with the tears? :laughing: But I really like your shading!

I love your Conker pic. Did you use a tablet? What brush settings was that? I heard of the video game, but I didn’t know he had a girlfriend! Wait… wasn’t his mission to save his lady? Or is that an OC? :open_mouth:

Thanks! As of now I can only draw the Night Fury and the Terrible Terror - the others are a bit too complicated to draw without a reference. xD But I’m sure I’m gonna draw some of 'em someday. As well as Hiccup, he’s awesome too. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the brush, I made a screenshot concerning those brushes. (I’m assuming you mean these, right?) And sorry for it being Dutch. xD And then I usually select the pen tool and right click, then fill it up.

Thanks! Yeah, I tend to make my pictures dramatic. I likes drama. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, nooo, that’s definitely not an OC. Berri is Conker’s girlfriend who did get kidnapped, but the game did not revolve around that (Conker was just drunk, and ended up someplace weird only to find her later, almost accidentally.) but it didn’t matter, as near the end, [spoil]she got shot multiple times by the guy she worked for, and died[/spoil]. Whoops.

Pretty funny, she’s about thrice as tall as Conker himself. xD As for the image, I drew it by hand with a kinda pen thingy - and removed the sketch lines after scanning, which made the lines get a purplish hue, so I coloured it entirely in purple shades. In Photoshop again. xD

Why, look at that, it’s something NOT Mario-related!

His name is Hurkel and he’s one of my many Neopets. But he’s also a bit of an original character. :stuck_out_tongue: Completely MSpaint.

One can never have enough Bone fan art. Wikipedia is acting glitchy. But the series is AWESOME. Graphic novels. Woot.

Smiley and Bartleby are two of my favourite characters. Phoney too, but I draw him too much. xD

Thanks for the tip on the brushes! Aha, so you used Photoshop for the Hiccup pic! :stuck_out_tongue:

I should really play Conker, but I don’t have an Xbox! :frowning:

Hurkel looks real great! Love the bling!

And Smiley and Bartleby are the best!!! They make a great team, and I can’t wait for their further adventures in ‘Tall Tales’ and ‘Quest for the Spark’. :wink:

Not much to complain here… I really like how you rendered Bartelby’s fur, and the shadow on Smiley’s waistcoat. It looks like Bartelby’s angry at something/someone, and Smiley’s holding him back. Is that a frame from the book, or your own original pose?

I actually had several ideas featuring Bartelby, and even a pretty sad one with Smiley, but I’ll see if I can make it come alive during the long holidays… stupid semester assessments. :imp:

Hey, thanks! Lol, Conker is also on the Nintendo 64. Funny enough, the 360 version is more censored.

The Smiley and Bartleby pic was done entirely from memory (except for Smiley himself, some references were used because I kept messing up. Badly.) Bartleby, however cute he may be, he’s still a Rat Creature. Cute but dangerous. He’s probably angry at Phoney or something. (I think he’ll be using Bartleby as a foil for his money-making schemes often when they’re [spoil]back in Boneville.[/spoil] And Smiley’s all like ‘You can’t do that to him. D:’

I love your art! I looked at your deviantart and your skunks are so amazing!(We have a similar style of drawing them! Awesome!) And I like the one where you drew yourself as a badger. I thought I was the only one who draws people as animals. Your photography is awesome too. You have pet rats? :open_mouth:
Sorry I never posted here before, pictures take forever to pull up on my mom’s computer. :frowning:

Heh, thanks! I’ve drawn skunks since I was about 9 years old. Yeah, I usually draw myself as a badger as I fail at humans but yeah. xD Yes, I have pet rats. Flurl and Swoosh. 8D

lol, I don’t like drawing people either. XD I draw myself as a skunk.(I’m on my avatar! :laughing: )

Heh, cool. :slight_smile: I just got a plush Flower (you know, the skunk from Bambi) from a… something like a yard-sale except it’s not in a yard? Yeah, he’s practically as new and very well made xD

Oh, look, art.

You won’t believe how long this took… I was listening to ‘Look Through my Eyes’ by Phil Collins, that song is amazing and it always makes me eager to draw stuff for some reason…

Oh hey guys!

Lately I’ve been replaying the Conker games. (there’s only three of 'em, one of which is a remake…) I’ve drawn him a couple of times already, but as you all may know, he’s… not very kidfriendly. Though back in the day, he used to at one point or another. He was just your average stereotype hyper squirrel kid. I like him either way…

Conker on the left, Honker on the right. Honker is this skunk who’s a minor antagonist in Conker’s Pocket Tales. He’s cool. I like him because he’s a skunk. He works for the ‘real’ villain… an evil acorn, aptly named The Evil Acorn. The nut has kidnapped Conker’s friend Berri (I dunno if she was his girlfriend already back then… I doubt it) and stolen all of his presents! Noes! His birthday party will be RUINED!!1

Conker’s quite different as a kid, that’s for sure.

And Honker? I dunno what became of him… for shame, I think he’s cool.

Woah!!! Those are sooo good!!! I like the Conker ones, because I’ve never heard of it :smiley:

Lol? And thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love 'em! Especially the one with Conker and Honker. (skunks eat squirrels y’know…if they can sneak up on them.XD) Oh, and I keep forgetting to ask you this; what program do you use?

lol, poor Conker. But then, the series doesn’t make sense… I mean, he talks to weasels and panthers yet never gets eaten xD That’s cartoon logic for ya! xDDD

I mostly use Photoshop, though I tend to use MSpaint as well.

Ha!Ha! :laughing: games are funny.

That’s so cool! :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: So as some of you may know, I’m writing stories 24/7, one of which is a comic.

full size: … edebie.png
It’s still being edited as we speak but I’m gonna put all characters on this chart here. Copypasta from DA:

[i]Rowdy and his gang of redundant animal buddies.

Basically, the story goes when Rowdy, still a vague realistic hyena, escapes from the zoo to a place where all animals become cartoony. Meeting a lot of others along the way, he has the weirdest adventures. Including a ride with a killer whale in a lake, having to retrieve useless items, coming over childhood fears that he doesn’t have, to ultimately, having to defeat the great evil that is threatening the animals’ homeland.

Rowdy ain’t a rowdy guy at ALL. He just looks like a Rowdy to me.

I was mostly inspired by Jeff Smith’s Bone saga to write a comic. I’ve had Rowdy and his friends for about two years now (as characters) and I’m sure more will be added over the years. I’ll update this chart whenever.

Yeah, I like hyenas. Most animals featured will be my favourites, lol.

They’re all colour coded for your convenience.[/i]

I love your Bone-inspired comic, Badger! I mean, your OCs look really interesting, and I want to find out more about them. Like ‘Edward’, the protector of Ricky… is it a guy or girl bird-dragon? And who are the girls that Ricky is trying to annoy? Who chose Rowdy to save the Glades? Why did Rita choose to work for the Big Bad? What causes Jess to explode? How can Thorntail look so cute and yet be so evil? And above all, where is this Big Bad, and what does he have in store for the Glades?

Like I said, it’s very curious, and I like it. When are you planning to release the first page? I also have a similar original idea gestating in my mind which I’ve revealed to some members… but I’ll see if I can knuckle down to get it out on paper. :wink:

So many questions! xD Well, I haven’t elaborated much yet, the Big Bad used to be a dragon, but there’s already lots of dragons in my story, so that idea got scrapped. Whenever I try to be annoyingly original my OCs tend to remind of other things…

It’s really still just an idea, I’ve only sketched some pages, but I’m really honestly bad at the film-like progression in comic panels that Jeff Smith does with ease. So I’m sure it won’t be finished anytime soon…

Thanks for your interest though, I wouldn’t have thought my silly little project would be liked by people. xD

Alas, when I was listening to a music remix on Youtube I suddenly got struck with an idea again… Bird-like creatures who live in a lagoon where everything is made of metal (including the ships. They look like old pirate ships, but are made of metal.), local pools which are inhabited by teeny tiny seals, and the main character plays a banjo made of metal. And she’s female.

yeah. So I’m trying to write this story first as it’s more focused on humor than anything else… I mean, the main character’s crush goes on a whine-fest because one of his goblets which he collects for no reason have been stolen by a dragon. So yeah.