Badger's other art

NOTE: For more recent artwork look further in this thread, there’s much better stuff posted recently!

I draw too much. xD

To start it off, here’s a drawing of a phoenix from one of my stories I’m writing.

She’s still pretty much nameless though… it’s all about mythical creatures, and I plan to name them all after mythical people.

And another one…

Vampire squirrel from another one of my stories.

If you guys like my art I will post more…

Indeed I do! Excellent work, they look really cool! The unique coloring on that second guy is pretty awesome, I like your style on that stuff, and those birds you drew that I saw on dA. Keep at it! :slight_smile:

Heh, thanks.

You know, lately I’ve been slowly slipping back into the Mario fandom… You know, from those Nintendo videogames. And heck, I’ve got the biggest crush on Luigi. <3
I used to draw these guys begin last year almost every day, so I basically tried drawing them again to see if I still had my ‘skills’.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself… especially if you compare it to… [url][/url] this…
The only qualm I have at my drawing is that Luigi is taller than Mario… if he would be standing… D:

Nice to see some more drawings from you, Badger! :slight_smile: Judging by those character drawings for your story, I’m starting to like your story already. A vampire squirrel? Nice idea! :smiley: Pretty original too! The drawing style from both of these drawings reminds me of those Neopets characters, too, but it looks really good! Keep it going with your story, and hopefully you can find somegood mythical names for your creatures, too.

As for your forecoming return to Mario fandom, let me be the first to say, “Welcome back to the dark side!” :smiling_imp: (kidding! :stuck_out_tongue:) Nice job on the two Mario drawings, but I especially like the one with Luigi in it, because, it not only has an unique type of drawing style that I haven’t seen done with Mario characters, but it is friggin’ hilarious! :laughing: Mario’s expression is just priceless! :smiley: Great job, Badger, and keep on drawing, too! :slight_smile:

xD Lol… the squirrel guy actually IS a Neopet. xDDDD But he’s also an original character of mine. I draw him less squirrel-like whenever I make a picture of him for Neopets.
Thanks! Yeah, I do really like how that Mario&Luigi pic came out. However the second pic with only Mario is not good, IMO, It’s about three two years old! D:

THIS IS A FANPROJECT. … edebie.png

I absolutely ADORE the Conker games, and ‘the art of’ books, so I thought it’d be a fun idea to make a fanproject called ‘The Art of Conker’.
However, I wouldn’t advise googling Conker if you can’t handle blood, excessive swearing, and suggestive humour… he’s kinda vulgar. But I LOVE HIM gah

To stay in the Mario mood -

What do you know, I draw myself as a badger. xD And I’m beginning to have the biggest crush on Luigi… :laughing:

Drew this guy some minutes ago in MSpaint. I like secretary birds…

I did use a reference, mostly for the anatomy.

Haha, I saw a secretary bird at a bird park in Singapore once… I got this weird image of it wearing a blouse and pencil skirt… 8D

But yeah, that’s amazing how you managed to do that in MS Paint! I’m not much a fan of Mario, but there are a lot of Planeteers who are! Nice colouring and inking work!

Thanks! 8D

I made myself a new avatar. It’s still a badger though. xD All MSpaint. Except the transparency, though…


You know, I like the Mario games. A lot. Like nobody knew that by now… but anyway, I just recently drew Luigi. Again. With a Boo. (You know, those little ghosts.) But… it may be different than you’d think. :stuck_out_tongue: … edebie.png


I didn’t click on that link because I saw it before when I was ‘lurking’ on your dA page (Seriously, can we come up with a better word for 'admiring someone’s fanwork without writing comments?).

One of the few Mario fanworks I like from you. That ghost just turned my heart to mush. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks! :smiley: Lol, lurking? I’ve noticed a lot of people lurking lately. I don’t mind though. It’s cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently made a new ID for on DeviantART.
But it’s… really big.

From top to bottom:

Kevin (Up)
Conker (Conker’s Bad Fur Day/Live and Reloaded)
Luigi (Mario series)
Rat creature (Jeff Smith’s Bone)

And that’s me on the bottom. 8D

Haha, nice one, Badger!

Although, it did remind me of this guy’s work. Is this just coincidence, or were you inspired?

Anyway, I really like your take! Especially with the Rat Creature wanting a taste of Luigi! :laughing:

Can I ask you a question? How did you make the background for your deviant ID ‘disappear’ on your profile? As in, the characters look like they’re part of the profile page, with a non-existent/transparent background. I’d love to know how to do that, so they’re just ‘floating’ on the page, and not in a box with the usual white background. :slight_smile:

Lol yeah it does look a lot like that… must be a coincidence. xD;

If you right-click on the eraser in Photoshop, you’ll see an eraser with a * next to it. Use that on the background of anything that’s white, then save as PNG. I hope that helps, I fail epically at explaining ^^;

I just found out how to make animations with Photoshop. The result? This… thing.

Luigi in a bee suit.
He actually looks like that at one point in Super Mario Galaxy.

Oh boy! This is the bird! I’ve never seen one up close but, this is the bird! May I take your bird back to camp, as my prisoner?

Silly Dug, that’s no bird. No off you go before he eats you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for double posting (Comment plz pplz?) … -160030065

This took WAY TOO LONG. But I’m REALLY happy with how it came out.

Why yes I like Super Mario Galaxy…

AWWWHUHHH 8’D Luigi’s faces in the Mario pic djfskd <3 You draw them so cute! :smiley:

I meant to comment on these, especially the one you posted just before this, but I dunno, I either got sidetracked or busy… that happens a lot. ^^; skdfjsdk Toothless + Dug = adorableness to the maxx. I haven’t seen HtTYD yet, but homygosh I want to sooo bad. D: (I’m trying to convince my parents to let me and my sibs go see it tomorrow night! mneheh :smiling_imp:) Your ability to draw animals and other animal-ish creatures is makin’ me JELUS oyes. >8C Haha, jk, you are really good at this stuff, I wish I could draw animals that good - let alone draw them at all!

I’m really sorry for the spazzy comment, I’m really hyper right now and I just love these. <3 Oh god how come I do not watch you on dA right now…??

little chef

I’ve mentioned this on dA, but I really love your rendering of Toothless! Details like the ‘scales’ and the wooden tail-wing really show you paid attention. How’d you do the background? I assume it was a custom brush (since it looks like a repeated pattern)? Oh, and nice work on Dug too, I like his crouching pose.

Gyaah, thanks guys! You’re all way too nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, animals are practically all I draw. That is, until I tried drawing Mario characters three years ago. It failed. Then Up came along and I drew some characters as well. xD And now it’s Mario and co. again and I’ve been drawin’ 'em like crazy. I FAIL at anything that looks remotely human. xD So eh, now I’ve been drawing the dragons from How To Train Your Dragon. I’m also considering to try and draw Hiccup once but I’ll wait for a bit…

The background on my Dug and Toothless pic were some standard Photoshop tools, or something similar. Recently I’ve also been abusing filters like crazy. xD