"Bao" from Incredibles 2

Sooo…Bao…explain it to me, lol.

From what I saw…an oriental lady, makes some dumpling-looking things, and she makes them so well, that one of them comes to life. It’s real cute…at first, lol. Throughout the short, the lady feeds him and takes care of him as a mother would. He grows up, gets a little bigger, starts wanting independence and his own life, much to his surrogate mother’s chagrin. One day, the dumpling-like being finds himself a hot, young, human girlfriend, who must be incredibly open minded to date outside of her own species…let alone FOOD, lol.

The mother-like lady doesn’t like this one bit though, (shocker), and tries to prevent him from going out on his own to make new friends, but she sadly fails, and feels she’s at her wits end. So one day, when the little punk is storming out of the house, she grabs him, struggles with him…and then EATS him…she EATS him, lol. …She EATS HIM. …What the heck?! XD

Very sad moment in the short. But then a much larger human boy comes home, who kind of looks like the dumpling, (before he was DEVOURED, that is, lol), and…I’m assuming the young man is her real son? Old son? …Reincarnation of the dumpling???

Mom and I were weirded out by it lol. …I don’t get it. XD

It was…bizzare.

I found out this movie good…!

Good movie!