Being helpful when closing a topic....

I saw this topic got closed because the moderator said that there was an existing YouTube finds topic. Infact, he said he ‘thinks’ there was. Which isn’t particularly helpful.

So I’m thinking that in future it’d be useful for dupe topics to be linked to the existing topic to continue discussion, and it’d also be good if the moderator made sure that a topic was a dupe instead of basically guessing.

Also, where’s the topic discussing gay marriage gone, and when’s it coming back?

Constructive criticism here, before anyone decides to take offense.

  • Tilius

Hi Tilius, thanks for the feedback.

In regards to the YouTube thread, TSS has done the right thing by closing the thread and referring to the topic creator, IncredigirlVirginia, to look for the already highly-populated YouTube videos thread, The Dumpster of Mild Amusement. While TSS has made an oversight by not linking the thread, he is following the moderation policy and the administrators (ie. me) of Pixar Planet stand by TSS and his moderation actions. While a link to the thread would have been a convenient thing, a member must make sure that a similar thread has not started up already, which IncredigirlVirginia should had done. TSS’s choice of wording may have been a bit ambiguous, but his decision still prevails and is still acceptable. Our decisions are final and is for the greater good of the community. If you have any more comments about this, I invite you to please message me personally and not through this thread.

As for the Gay Marriage thread, the moderation team here at Pixar Planet have decided to revoke the thread. While Pixar Planet encourages and support different opinions and the reasonable discussion of them, the thread (specifically your posts) has crossed the line of objectionable content. As a result, we have taken to revoke all permissions to the thread. As Pixar Planet is a family-friendly forum, personal attacks and/or heated discussions are not acceptable, and, if you wish to continue to debate on this matter, please find another community forum that will accept these discussions as we strictly only allow family-friendly material.

Finally, while feedback is greatly appreciated on Pixar Planet, your hinting of your feedback can be taken as a personal attack to TSS. If you have a complaint about a particular moderator, please feel free to discuss this with me personally. That said, please make sure that your feedback is constructive and is not of a personal attack - we are simply keeping this forum to our strict code of family-friendly material and personal attacks to staff or any other members is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.

I was being constructive, it wasn’t a personal ‘attack’, just citing an example to support my criticism. And I didn’t say his decision was wrong, just that he should have made sure that he was right in closing the topic and linked to the relevant other topics, since it should be presumed that the original poster simply couldn’t find it.

Also, what specifically in the Gay Marriage thread crossed the line? Not allowing a proper discussion/debate is kind of odd for a forum designed for discussion, and seems to discourage any form of intelligent debate.

  • Tilius

I’ll admit that posting a link to the “DUmpster of Mild Amusement” would’ve been helpful, and It was a mistake on my part. I apologize for failing to do so. I promise to learn from this mistake.

To be honest, I don’t feel that this is a personal attack. Tilius was merely pointing out a couple mistakes I have made as of recent. I don’t feel offended at all. :wink:

Tilius: If you would look at your previous posts (or our PM discussions), you would understand completely why the Gay Marriage topic was removed. If you forgot, PM me and I would be more than happy to refresh your memory. :wink:

As far as I recall it was basically me wanting somebody to back up their opinion with reason and logic…

Well, that was part of it… :confused:

Exactly, and they weren’t given chance to, making it just look as if they’re unreasonable and incapable of constructing a coherent argument, which isn’t particularly fair.

  • Tilius

But the reason why we had to close the Gay Marriage thread, as Phileas already stated, is because your last post was a personal attack to a member.

(If you wish to continue this discussion, please do so be PMing me please.)

I’m sad that it has come to this. I really think the existence of a thread to discuss ‘Gay Marriages’ would have made this a more matured (in the grown-up, wiser sense) forum, and generate interesting discussion for what is one of the most controversial topics lately (Next to Global Warming and Obama’s healthcare plan). If thread such as ‘What’s Your Religion’ or ‘The Dumpster of Mild Amusement’ can continue to exist, I don’t see why this can’t. To have had it shut down because of disagreements or vilification between members is just disappointing.

Hopefully, we can learn from this lesson, and mods will resurrect this thread when things improve.

Tilius: While you may not be out-rightly attacking TSS, you are nit-picking his actions and objecting his actions of a moderator, which is simply his job, and a non-paid volunteer job for that. While I would further explain that you are implying that are discrepancies with TSS’s moderatorship (which there are certainly not), I will let go of the matter as TSS has said that he has taken no offense and further argument will be pointless.

As for the Gay Marriage thread, I state again that we at Pixar Planet rightfully respect the views that our members hold and the right to free speech that is attached to it. But, we remind you once again that this is a family-friendly forum, and despite how interesting or how mature the discussion may be, the main objective rule of this forum, being a family-friendly one, prevails over that. We try our best to keep balance between the very-fine line that exists - we do not believe in censorship, and if we could, we would let these civil discussions continue as it is a great way for members to converse, but the content that has been posted has crossed the line and we have decided to revoke the thread for the greater good of the community.

As I stated earlier, there are plenty of other community forums online that support discussion of these topics which you can join, but, at the current moment, the Pixar Planet Brains’ Trust has agreed to revoke any non-family-friendly material. We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.