Biggest Animated Film This Summer CARS 2 vs PANDA 2

Biggest Animated Film This Summer

  • Cars 2
  • Kung Fu Panda 2

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With less than 5 months far from the summer, we have 2 new big animated films to be released in May and June, and we also have the new Winnie The Pooh movie, but as long as it could be beloved by fans and people in general, it won’t be as big as the other 2 colossus

the showdown is here, which of those will be the highest grossing animated film this upcoming summer and which one will receive better critics?

Cars 2 or Panda 2

I’m going for cars 2.

Both original films wrapped up perfectly, but cars definitely has more potential for the sequel. Kung Fu Panda 2 just doesn’t. I’m sure the critics will go for Cars 2 because It will invoke memories of Sean Connery. Kung Fu panda just is going way out on a limb in it’s story, which is very odd, since it sounds almost exactly like #1 just with a new enemy.

Cars 2 will also win the box office. Mainly because kids will want o see a spy movie much more than a kung fu movie. Spy movies that are armed at kids and are actually good are few and far between.

I’m gonna say Cars 2.
I might be a little biased towards Pixar, but I feel like KFP wrapped up beautifully.
To be fair, so did Cars, but as Pizza Planet Truck has already pointed out, it has more potential for a sequel.
And I like the whole super-spy theme. :laughing:

I’ll probably see both.

Though I like both movies, I picked Cars because well, duh! :wink:

Ok, I’m sure SOMEONE will chomp my head because I said “kids will want to see a spy movie” so in my defense I was referring to anybody, but mainly people who were kids at the time of release for Cars 1.

Let those people be negative. Don’t even pay attention to them. How dare they not trust Pixar?

That’s what I always ask. When has Pixar disappointed?

Not once. Yes, Cars haters, not once.

Ok. You guys are right, but there is a time and a place to discuss that. This where we discuss Cars 2. The sequel with lots of gooey chocolatey goodness.
As well as Panda 2 The other sequel with some goodness too.

Also featuring spies, guns, and missiles! Oh my!!! :smiley:

I am obviously with Cars 2

it will also have better positive reviews than KF Panda 2

I am sure that all Cars haters will regret of their words when Pixar gave us one of the most beautiful and entertaining sequels in history

GO Cars, GO

They disappointed me twice, but neither time involved Cars. Cars is pretty high on my list, especially considering I love each film in its own way.

Anyway. I think Cars 2 will do better, but(don’t kill me) even though I will see both in theaters, I’m a tad more excited for Kung Fu Panda 2. I can see why everyone says Cars 2(duh, this is Pixar Planet), but I disagree. I like Cars just as well as or close to as well as Kung Fu Panda, but I thought KPF’s ending made me feel…empty. I wanted more than another cheesy “fat panda wants food joke”. Somewhere TDIT said that the ending might have been more fulfilling if they had referenced the beginning, sort of like the original Toy Story did. I agree. I loved the movie, but Cars’ ending was satisfactory to me.

Anyway, like I said, I love Cars, and will see the sequel. I just thought PIXAR put a lovely bow on the gift that was Cars, and KFP…well, the ending could have been way better. Though I doubt it, I hope that’s why KFP is getting a sequel, not for the dough.

Panda 2 idea just looked interesting to me, but since Dreamworks annouced its stupid decision to make 6 films in totals, I lost my faith in that film, they will probably kill the franquise like they did with shrek

Six movies? Where did you see that? You’ve got to be kidding me. I mean, at least Pixar knows when enough is enough.

Well, that’s too much. But I still have a sliver of hope for #2. :frowning:
Just so sad.

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Can you imagine 2 more annoying Madagascar, and sure they are gonna kill the dragon franquise too

For all this crazy and dumb decisions I am with Pixar,

Cars 2 FTW this summer !!!

Not sure where the other person read it but it is here and wikipedia (take them both for what they are)


is the quote from wikipedia. Not sure as the actual source and I am not spending much time looking. I bought KFP on blu-ray (thankfully it was $10 or less) because I heard such good things. I only wathced it once and didn’t think it was that great. ah well it isn’t bad, but will wait 'til the sequal is in the dollar section to rent

That’s horrible. It’s funny how people are complaining about Pixar’s few sequels when you have…Dreamworks’ super sagas.