BnL iPhone interfaces (no, really)

Just click this link and find out! The results are mainly in the first row.

Be sure to also visit the sites suggested, and I did not make these, however. But they sure are well done.

Oh my goodness! Now is the time to panic!! BnL is already in the process of revolutionizing the world/ruining the planet! :open_mouth: :laughing: Gotta agree with you JSWeC, these are definitely cool! :smiley: Awesome attention to detail!

I think they are fan-made mobile websites, but that is so cool, JSWeC! :smiley: Thanks for sharing with us.

I have an icon set for Wall-E that I use on my Macbook Pro.

I’d love an iPhone theme for Winterboard/Summerboard (I jailbroke my 4s with Cydia to install this pony theme and as much as I like it, I wanna try something different).

Now that is really cool. That would be a fun interface to have if I had an iPhone :slight_smile: