BnL Shorts Fan Commentary

lizardgirl and I are planning on recording a fan commentary for all of the BnL Shorts - the bonus feature for the WALL•E DVD. They are all really funny and entertaining. This is not a practice. It’s the first official fan commentary here for a Pixar short film. The commentary will take place some time in February. You must have already participated in a practice.

There’s room for one more person, so is anyone else interested in participating to make a trio?


I’d be willing to do it. :slight_smile: Although I don’t know too much about the shorts, having only seen them a few times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you better get to watching them then! :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to have you on board, JF. I’ll let you both know when to send me your schedules. No more requests for places in this commentary will be accepted, but I may consider having one person as a possible substitute.

That’s brilliant that you’re joining us, JesusFreak! :smiley: I, too, really need to watch the shorts a few more times…:laughing:

Okie-dokie, Rachel.

Hey guys. Sorry for messing you around but I’ve decided to postpone recording the BnL Shorts until we get some more features under our belt. I’ll then open up the shorts for commenting on and everyone can post their rankings. It’s more fair that way, and we have WALL•E and Ratatouille to look forward to at the moment anyway. :slight_smile: