Bonnie's Dad is in Toy Story 3

If you watch the ending scene closely, you will notice that when Andy drives up to Bonnie’s house, there is a man gardening with a wheelbarrow near him in the background. Bonnie’s mother is also on her knees pulling weedis or planting flowers, something horticulture related, while Bonnie is playing with her toys.

I am astonished to learn that people have ignored this mystery gardener for ten years. Now we know he is Bonnie’s father, but I am confused why people didn’t know that sooner? Does it even make sense for Bonnie’s mother to hire a gardner than waste her time doing yard work? Can she even pay for one with her wages working at day care? I am extremely confused why for nine years people though tthat man wasn’t Bonnie’s father, or presumed him to be a yard decoration or something. I realy don’t get it.

If anyone knows what people thought of this man till mid-March of lhis year, please tell me.

tbh, I never noticed. We’re supposed to pay attention to Andy’s point of view, looking at Bonnie playing with her toys, the ghosts attacking the bakery, etc.
Bonnie’s parents are only secondary in terms of screen time, and only Bonnie’s mom speaks.
Perhaps this year, we’ll hear her dad, too.