• Bonnie (Toy Story 3)
  • Boo (Monsters Inc)
  • Ellie (Up)

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Who do you think is the most charming and cutest little girl character from a pixar film?, now I am thinking of 3 lovely and unforgettable female characters:

Bonnie from Toy Story 3, Boo from Monsters Inc, and Ellie from Up

Just choose and write your thoughts

PS: First of all, I excuse if this thread has been done before, Next, I would like to thank Leirin, the one who gave me the idea (your current Avatar)

PS 2: if there is a similar thread just someone write a link to it … THANKS

:open_mouth: That’s so difficult.

Hmm, I like them all.

I know it is a hard one

They must be humans?

What about Dot from A Bug’s Life. She’s also a little girl. And maybe Pearl from Finding Nemo.

Anyway, I think Boo would win, as she’s the youngest and her sounds are too cute.

yeah I was thinking of them, specially Dot, but I am considering only HUMANS GIRLS, and they are the ones who have stolen my heart,

Ellie!!! I love Ellie. She’s one of my favorite Pixar characters, even for her minimal screentime.

It’s a toss up between Bonnie and Boo.

Bonnie is so sweet and innocent and charming and slightly eccentric (wellingtons and a tutu. ;-p ). From her first appearance on screen she stole my heart. She is too adorable for words.

Boo is also incredibly adorable and sweet.

So. It’s mostly a tie, but Bonnie wins by [size=80]thismuch[/size]

I am rooting for BONNIE (when I have a little girl, I just want her to be innocent and adorable like Bonnie)

2nd place goes to ELLIE (lovely, and adventurous)

and it is a pity to have my dear BOO in 3rd place, but she will grow in me next year, I KNOW

Bonnie for me. :slight_smile: She’s so adorable, and she reminds me of me when I was little.