Book: The Art of Finding Nemo

If you like the movie you should probably check out the art book also. It has really great pastel paintings and concept art.

I’m posting this because the art book previously, Monsters Inc, has gone out of print and is selling at whopping US100 per book online.

So do check it out before this book goes out of print also.

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I read the whole book! It was really good. Some of the quotes by Andrew Stanton were good also. :smiley:

Hello parka,

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Yep, we’ve had some threads relating to the “Art Of…” books, although this one in particular I’m not sure. I have that one. And yep, it’s got some beautiful work in it.

Im getting this book along with all of the other “The art of” books. The yare amazing, they have them at my school library.

Both Pixar and Dreamworks flicks.

I just got The Art of Finding Nemo for my birthday! It’s my first Pixar “Art and making of/Art of” book, and I absolutely love it! Makes me look forward to collecting more in the future.