Brave Easter Eggs ??

HAs anyone found any Easter Eggs in Brave?? I say it yesterday didnt seem to find anything, going to see it again on Tuesday Ill keep my eyes open!

The only thing I spotted was the Pizza Planet Truck. It was [spoil]a wood carving in the witch’s hut during the wood carvings argument.[/spoil]

-John Ratzenberger plays [spoil]the guard who announces the arrival of the lords.[/spoil]
-[spoil]The witch throws a newt into the cauldron. Possible reference to Newt.[/spoil]

Supposedly [spoil]Sulley from Monsters, Inc.[/spoil] and A113 are in there too.

OK, I did catch who John Ratzenberger played, and I’m very proud since I’d heard that he would be hard to spot. Yet, it took me around what? Three years for me to figure out who he played in Ratatouille? Huh. Funny how that works. And I can’t believe I missed the Pizza Planet Truck! I’d actually gotten a tip from DMR that it was hidden in a “very scary place”, but somehow, I was so busy trying to take in all the beautiful scenery and animation, following the plot, gazing in awe at the incredible 3D, learning more about the awesome characters, and munching my popcorn that I totally missed it! But no one tell me… I will find out when I get the Blu-Ray! Ironically, I didn’t find the Pizza Planet Truck in Cars 2 the first time I saw it either…

I didn’t really notice any Easter eggs, I don’t usually when I see a movie a first time.

Would somebody who may or may not have obtained this movie through completely legal means be so kind as to post a picture of that pizza planet truck?

It was a [spoil]wood carving? thats kinda cheap… doesn’t really follow the rules if you ask me. I was hoping to see it hidden in some bushes or something. The real thing. Not just a carving of it.[/spoil]

I might have a little theory on what A113 is.

There’s a chance I saw [spoil]the Pizza Planet carving without noticing it then. I was kind of hoping the truck itself would appear, just for the sake of surreality.[/spoil]

I didn’t notice much else though, but I rarely do on my first viewing of a movie. I really hope when I see it a second time I can spot more of these things, especially potential references to past (and future) Pixar movies.

All I saw was the Pizza Planet truck. :open_mouth:

There is possibly a tribute to Joe Ranft in the witch’s cottage, according to this : … facts.html .
However I wouldn’t say this is sure, as the website in question may be questionable as a source; but the document itself seems official to me… Anyway, I wanted to make you aware of this possibility…

It’s starting to drive me crazy how we still don’t know, three weeks after the film’s release, where is A113… Does it takes so much time normally ?

Well how else could they of pulled it off? Hiding it in the bushes, that’s ridiculous. Hiding a truck in a bush in a Middle Ages Scottish forest?

I sincerely think it was the best they could’ve done. It makes the most sense without being too conspicuous.

I had found the Pizza Planet truck in the scene with the Witch’s cottage, I don’t think there’s an A113 anywhere in this movie, and I read somewhere that John Ratzenberger is supposed to be the voice of Gordon–yet I have not been able to locate the character or the voice talent because it’s supposed to be in a Scottish accent.

A113 is in Brave. It was discovered in November 2012, five months after the film’s release, and I believe nobody actually found it before Disney/Pixar pointed it out!
It appears as ACXIII on top of the Witch’s cottage door, and is seen very briefly (and very faintly) only when the Witch tries to chase Merida out with a handful of knives.

^I had heard of it, but I boy that was a tough spot to find it in! I’m not the best at reading Roman numerals, so I guess that’s why it alluded me. Though fact is, even though I know that it’s in there, I still hadn’t noticed it after repeated viewings! Thanks for mentioning where to find it; I’ll make a point to find it when I watch it again!