Brave: New Pixar Film?

Brave: Real or Not?

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I found a little tidbit that might point to a brand new Pixar feature or short film! This is the suspicious excerpt from an interview by Coming Soon:

“CS: You’ve probably been spending three or four years on this movie yourself, so do you deal with a lot of the other Pixar stuff going on in that time as well or are you able to just focus on this?
Docter: Pretty much exclusively on this. Once in a while, we’re at these meetings where we all look at “Toy Story 3” or “Brave” or whatever and we all give comments and notes, but that’s just like a day here or there.”

See that: “Toy Story 3 and Brave.” I for one have never heard of this project, nor do I know anything of it, for all we know it could’ve been misheard or a typo. In any case, if this is real, it could possibly be Pixar’s 2013 project or an upcoming Pixar short.

Your thoughts?


After posting your reply here, I’d appreciate if you guys posted a comment on my article over at Upcoming Pixar:

If it’s not a typo - and I am choosing to believe it’s not :smiley: - I’d say there’s a good chance it’s the short that will be attached to Toy Story 3. Probably not a feature-length film because Pete Docter would be extremely careful about revealing anything that is planned for later than 2012.

Interesting. So I’m guessing this is an interview of Pete Docter while he was making Up, right? He most likely hasn’t started any new projects yet. So chances are if films normally take four years to make, then this film wouldn’t be far down the horizon, but we also has Toy Story 3, Newt, The Bear and the Bow, and Cars 2 waiting in queue… So I’m guessing this will be a short film.

I love when I hear a new title, but it’s impossible that Pete Docter reveals a film that’s still secret. I think it is a working title (or the new title?) of The Bear and the Bow. I don’t think it’s a short film, anyway.

Looking for “Brave Pixar” on Google I found out a rumor about a remake of The Brave Little Toaster remake… unlikely…

Likely just the code name for “The Bear and the Bow”…if you think about it, it usually takes four to five years to make an animated movie, so they probably wouldn’t be working on a 2013 release that much yet.

I agree with Mongoose. Even though it’s way early to be thinking about the short before Toy Story 3 I think that’s what it most likely is.

Interesting, but yes, I’ll go with the consensus that it’s a code name for The Bear and The Bow. It’s funny that Pete Docter didn’t explain what he meant when he said it, but Pixar are known for being secretive.

it does sound like a short that Pixar would probably make…
and i do agree with Mongoose as well. It would be along side with Toy Story 3.

It has to be a short. Mr. Docter wouldn’t give a film title that easily.

If it’s anything it is the short before TS3.

Rumor defunct.
Apparently it was just a codename for The Bear and the Bow. Sorry for the commotion. :slight_smile:

Where did you find this out?

Maybe he really said “Bear” as a shortened way of saying “The Bear and the Bow” and they misheard it as “Brave”…

Which for me begs the question, why do they need a codename for a movie we already know the title of? Is that to throw off people who arent paying attention? Or was it an old codename used before the title was made known that just slipped out?

^ Doesn’t Cars 2 come out before The Bear and the Bow, though?

I predict that the first film after Newt will be Brave, and then we’ll see Monsters, Inc. 2.

I got confirmation a few days ago that Brave is NOT a short, a new film, or a new title for BATB. It is just the studio codename/working title.

My source was my tour guide at my visit to the computer science department at RIT. He had done his one of his required internships (They call it a co-op) at Pixar, and Pixar asked him to stay for a while, so he completed his full time requirement there, graduates this year and is headed back to Pixar. (At least, that’s what I remember. I was slightly in shock at my first meeting of a Pixar employee, especially where I least expected it!) Anyway, he happened to be wearing a shirt that said BRAVE on it somewhere in the BATB font, so once I figured out he worked at Pixar I asked him about it, and he said it was just the working title. The shirt was the official BATB T-shirt too!! It’s gray and has three black and blue bears on the front and they have what looks like pink jelly or something on their faces. The back, as far as I remember is a shield in a corner that says brave, and something else I forgot. I didn’t get any new information, obviously, since he can’t talk about it, but he said it’s going to be good. I personally can’t wait now!

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Thanks for the information, Sarah. Brave would have been an okay title, but just perhaps a bit too generic, so I’m pleased to hear they’ve stuck with The Bear and the Bow.

Sarah - that is so cool! Could you possibly describe the shirt in even more detail (the bears in particular), or do a rough sketch of it?

I prefer The Bear and the Bow, but Brave would have been fine as well.
I’d rather see Rapunzel get its original title back, though. The change to “Tangled” wasn’t one of the brighter ideas.

And Sarah, some additonal info on that shirt would really be nice.
Pixar have done some amazing Cast & Crew shirts in the past (“something has survived” and “some assembly required” for TS3 for example) - I’d love to get a look at the new one.