Brave Temple Run is Apple's App of the Week!

Fans of Temple Run and Merida rejoice! Brave Temple Run is Apple’s App of the Week, and that means for a limited time, it’s FREE to download for all Apple devices. You also get 2500 free coins to start you off on your quest for glory!

I unfortunately bought it when it cost 99 cents, but I guess that money goes to Pixar, so it’s a worthwhile cause, heheh. Been playing it on my 4S non-stop on my recent trip to Shanghai and I’ve unlocked all the powers and now I’m trying to get the costumes and wallpapers. :slight_smile: Might even post a review later, time permitting.

So get it while it’s free, Planeteers, and keep on running from that pesky Mordu!

That’s pretty cool! And the graphics look amazing; wouldn’t have expected this for a phone game.