Breaking Boundaries

Hello readers! I was looking back on some of my old work and got the idea to write an unexpected sequel to “Here After”. This story will make most sense if you have read that story, but it won’t be completely confusing or anything if you haven’t. It might be a good refresher to give it a quick read again if you have forgotten about it, but that’s up to you. This story will be similar in the fact that it will be written in the same style, switches perspectives, is humanized and will be a relatively short story. It takes place about two years after the end of “Here After” and you’ll have to read on to see what events unfold! Just a reminder, Cars and associations with Cars are property of Disney Pixar, I take no credit for them and make no profit off this.

[size=150]BREAKING BOUNDARIES[/size]

Chapter One – Immortal

(Sally’s POV)

“Happy birthday, dear Sally. Happy birthday to you!”

I close my eyes and blow out all the sparkling candles on the cake in a single breath. After all, I want my wish to come true. Even if I have been wishing for the same thing every year, I have to make sure it’ll become more than just a hope. So, for the eighteenth time, I make a silent prayer from my heart that Lightning is looking down on me with happiness in his soul.

I open my bright blue-green eyes and the first face I see is my daughter’s. She’s smiling gently back at me, with a tiny hint of mischief just like her father always had when he was thinking. I immediately start wondering what she has on her mind.

My thoughts are interrupted momentarily by a well-endowed woman who asks me energetically, “Would ya like to cut the first piece, honey?”

I gaze up at her like child and respond, “Sure, Flo.”

Flo nods with a grin and passes me a plate, knife and set of utensils. I look down at the rectangular cake in front of me and slowly begin to slice between the numbers three and eight. Watching the numbers separate, I start feeling bittersweet like I do on every birthday. It is a reminder that I’m a year older, that I’ve spent another year without Lightning and that another year of his life has went left unlived.

As I finish cutting out the first square of sugary dessert, I’m already onto the next phase of my contemplations, the more painful phase. I let my mind begin to conjure up new ideas on where I would be in my life if Lightning were still alive. I’d be on a nice vacation with him right now, sipping tequila in some secluded destination. We’d be all alone, because he knows that’s how I like to spend time with him best.

“Mom? Are you going to eat that or pass it?” Levina, my daughter, inquires impatiently.

I stare at her thin brown hair, tied into a messy bun behind her head and the deep blue eyes framed so pleasantly by the shape of her face. I change my imaginings to something different; a sandy beach with Lightning and Levina on either side of me. I could never leave her out of the picture. We have a difficult relationship sometimes, but I know I love her just as much as I did Lightning.

“Sorry,” I try to apologize, “Here, pass this down to Mater.” I give her the plate and it starts to travel across the hands.

I can’t help smiling as I hear him shout out, “Oh, boy!”

Some things really never die.

When the eating is done, I thank everyone for their gifts and both Levina and I help Flo deal with the post-party dishes.

I notice Levina is drying the dishes at an unusually quick pace, and she still hasn’t lost that excited vibe.

“Vina, be careful,” I warn as she puts away a stack of plates into the cupboard.

“I know,” she replies and looks back to see if everything is done.

I hear the gurgling of the sink after Flo lets out the water and asks, “Do you two have plans for tonight? If you’re not-.”

“Yes!” Levina interjects before I even have a chance to hear the rest of Flo’s sentence.

I give Levina a strange look but she nods back at me, as if I should already know what she means. I shrug at Flo, “I guess so.”

Flo chuckles lightly, “You go on then, I can tidy up this little bit.”

I start to protest but Levina dashes forward and grabs my arm. She drags me towards the café entrance and throws a thank you over her shoulder.

Once we’re outside, I tug my arm out of her hold. “Levina, we should have stayed and helped Flo, she took time to put that party together.”

Levina rolls her eyes and continues walking down the street in the direction of Doc’s clinic. “Mom,” she argues, “We live in Radiator Nowhere, Flo had nothing to do all day anyways.”

“Levina!” I start to scold her disrespectful behaviour. I mean, I know Radiator Springs is about as lively as a brick wall but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require upkeep. As estranged as we may be, I still like to think we have purpose.

“Come on!” she cuts me off and picks up her speed. I can hardly keep up with her without breaking into an almost jog.

Finally we arrive at one of the town’s most run-down buildings. It looked like an abandoned hunk of concrete when I first moved into town, and oddly enough it seems to have held strong to that image. I’m pretty sure it was either a motel or garage at some point in its existence, but it’s beyond telling now.

Levina leads me over to one of the crevices, the only one with an actual covering on it. Mater must have helped her put some kind of a garage door on it. I’m now betting I know what is awaiting us inside.

She heaves the door open without a word and flicks the switch to turn on an uncovered light bulb hanging from the splitting ceiling. All the light casts intensely upon the beautifully crafted race car that rests beneath it.

The air catches in my throat and I suddenly felt tears of disbelief and bliss in my eyes. This is it, Lightning’s car, lying right in front of me. It was the car that he had spent his last minutes in. It was everything, it was him.

I let my hand touch the cool metal hood and try to memorize the feeling of its texture. I attempt to grasp the famous red paint, pretending it’s coating my fingers in its colour. I let my hands run further along, not once lifting them from the surface of the car. I stop abruptly as I reach the left fender. My thumb strokes carefully over the sticker and I’m aware of the silent tears now streaking my cheeks. This is more than a gift; it is an event that will never fade from my brain.

I push my blonde hair out of my face and turn to Levina who is standing soundlessly by my side. Her eyes are glistening with a mixture of pride and sorrow. I pull her into a heartfelt hug and regain my composure.

We separate and look at each other, not saying a word for a good ten seconds. Then she eagerly proclaims, “I think it’s ready to race.”

If Paulisha is reading this, knowing you, you probably already have half the plot figured out so I won't be surprised if you saw the ending coming  :wink: Anyways, that's chapter one for you. And the building I'm referencing is like an empty hotel on the same side of the road as Doc's clinic I believe. I just remember seeing it in the Cars video game and catching glimpses of it in the film. But it exists! And as you can see, no cover art for this one just yet  :stuck_out_tongue: I'd really like to know if there is interest in this story though, given that 'Here After' came out quite a while ago. Please leave a comment if you would like to see more, and thank you for taking the time to read.  :slight_smile:

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Chapter Two – Meanings
(Sally’s POV)

The shaking of my chest stops and her words turn me rigid. Levina can’t possibly mean what she just said. Not in the way that I think she did.

“Pardon?” I ask, barely above a whisper. I expect my voice to break but it doesn’t.

“The car,” she enforces, “I think it could hit the track again.”

My eyes don’t even dodge back to the vehicle between us. I know it’s true; the car has truly been transformed to a state of condition I didn’t think was conceivable. Every little detail of it is correct, and I can’t imagine the hours that have been put into it. But that doesn’t mean it has to come in contact with the track again…ever.

I start to reply, “Well, you don’t think-.”

“Mom,” Levina says firmly. She studies me for a minute, although I can’t tell what for. She rests her hand on the roof. “I put so much work into this. I had Doc order parts from God knows where. Do you realize that?”

“Of course, but-.”

“Do you really think I did all that work for nothing?” she demands suddenly, as if I should have known all along. And maybe I should have.

I can’t find anything to answer with, so she carries on, “I did so much to restore this. For you, for Dad, for me. And I did it with the intention that one day it’d be able to return to its former use.”

I want to stay protectively by the side of the car, but I step back away from it, putting more distance between us. My heart has quickened with the realization that she really does mean what I thought she did. The idea of it makes me sick and my defenses immediately rise.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Levina. It was unbelievable of you to restore his car but by no means does that mean it belongs on the track again, with anybody behind the wheel.”

My fingers start to move nervously as my words settle into the air. I know she’ll have something to say but absolutely nothing is going to change my mind.

Her face stays relatively calm and she argues back, “Is that what you would have said if he had lived? Would you have kept him off the track for the rest of his life?”

There is a stunned silence, and I feel my body completely tense. I had never once thought about such a scenario, and now I try to find an answer to her question. I know Lightning would have fought me until the end of time if I denied him back onto the track. It scares me to think about what whether he would have chosen racing or me. That wouldn’t have happened though, because in the deeper parts of my heart I know that I would have let him go back, because that’s what you do when you love someone as much as I loved him. You forget about your worries and insecurities because their happiness becomes one of the sources to your own.

But Levina’s not Lightning. She might be as stubborn as him, but I have to protect her and not make the mistakes of my past. I can’t let her get away like my mother let me, and I can’t let her enter the path of dangers that Lightning did.

“This isn’t about him,” I say feebly. Then the blood starts pulsing through me stronger than before and I walk over towards her. “You will not race this car.”

“You’re so afraid,” she snarls at me, “I don’t know how Dad ever saw anything in you.”

My gut wrenches at the stinging insult. I’m not giving in yet though.

“You didn’t know me then,” I respond, on the verge of yelling. “Now go home.”

Her head tilts up and she looks down her nose at an angle that signifies she’ll follow my order but not without having the last word. Her eyes squint at me defiantly and her lips curl as she says coldly, “If you didn’t think I’d want to race that car then you’ve never known me.”

I watch her stalk out of the garage and into the falling darkness. I put both hands on the hood of the car and hang my head, letting my hair swallow up all my peripheral vision. I can feel the tears already coating my eyes but I hold back until my throat starts making choking noises and my lips tremble. I sink to the ground, my knees against the cement floor and my arms draped onto the hood. I press my cheek to the front of the car and try to breathe as deeply as possible.

Why is this happening? Can’t she for a second understand the pain she’s putting me through? I’ve lived through it once, and to be honest, if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have. But I can’t let her do this, not only for my sake, but for hers. The memories are too painful and I refuse to let her make this choice, even if it is what she wants.

I place my lips softly on the front of the car, only long enough to feel the touch cool my mouth. I lift my head and look up into the empty driver’s seat. When did my life turn into this?

End of chapter two, and here's the next one!

[i]Chapter Three – In This Town[/i]
[i](Sally's POV)[/i]

I sit in the Cozy Cone lobby, trying to make myself busy. I look out the window on my right and study cone number two for a minute. It is already going on to noon and I haven’t seen Levina step out into the daylight yet. She must still be sleeping, and being that she’s a teenager I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I wish I could feel as carefree as her, but from the second I’m awake my mind doesn’t stop running and I have no choice but to get up unless I want to spend all morning dwelling on things I can’t change.

My eyes drift over to the first cone- Lightning’s cone. Although it is entirely vacant, it will always be his in my imagination. I turn away from the window and focus on the manila folder on the desk in front of me. I carefully open the flap and start to sift through the sheets of paper detailing all the motel’s transactions. There is empty month after month, which I set aside to be shredded. Then comes the first sheet with the name ‘Stickers’ scribed alongside ‘Cone 1’. Shortly after this, the sheets become filled with numerous names, none of which I recognize except his.

I keep flipping the pages, my index finger following his name down each page again and again until I reach the 28th of March, seventeen years ago. Cone one is listed as vacant and I know that no matter how far I search into the remaining papers, I won’t find his name.

I close the folder up and shred the empty sheets. I know I should continue going through the folder to get rid of more, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it. It is a petty reminder of the past, but I don’t want to let it go just yet.

I look up to the framed photo on my desk and smile gently. I reach for it and bring it closer so I can have a better view. It was taken at Flo’s Café, and by the way our bodies are angled you can tell we had just kissed. Lightning’s arm is snug around my waist and my left arm is perched comfortably against his chest. We’re both smiling and our cheeks are tinted with a hint of embarrassment. It’s the perfect picture of a budding romance.

Just then, I hear a throat clear and I jerk my head up, blushing profusely. I flip the frame so the photo is face down on the oak surface. 

What I see in the doorway is a young male, probably in his early twenties, leaning nonchalantly in the entrance. As soon as my eyes are on him he suddenly becomes nervous and runs a hand through his short black hair. He’s a lanky guy, but I can see some muscle tone in his arms that is emphasized by his tight vintage t-shirt. There is some name scrawled across it in blue but I can’t make out what it says.

“Excuse me,” he begins in a slightly gravelly voice, “I see you have vacancy here, and I’m looking to rent a room for a few nights.”

My back completely straightens and I pull myself properly into the desk. I never lose my enthusiasm for customers, even the unexpected ones.

“Of course,” I smile politely, “How does cone number three sound?”

He seems to relax and he moves up to the desk. “That works for me.”

I scramble around for one of my sheets where I can take down information before entering it into the computer later on.

I fill out all that I can while he waits patiently, gazing at all the cone memorabilia. 

“Do you know how long you’ll be in town?” I ask.

“No, not yet. Could you bill me when I check out?”

“Sure,” I reply and note down his request. I’m only missing one piece of information now. “May I ask what your name is?”

“Damian Anderson,” he tells me, and I can’t help thinking that he looks very suited to such a name.

I take his signature and double-check that everything has been compiled correctly. While I’m doing this, I notice Damian is still hovering quietly in the lobby.

“Do you know where I could find Lightning McQueen’s headquarters?” he finally asks in an eager, childish way.

I rest my pen and draw a breath before explaining slowly, “I’m afraid the headquarters was never constructed.”

He blinks in disbelief. “But this is his hometown, isn’t it?”

I feel like I’m prying candy from a baby, and I don’t know whether the baby his him or me. “Well, he lived here for some time, but unfortunately we were unable to begin work on it before…” I swallow, unable to get the word out.

“His accident,” Damian finishes for me and nods his head sadly.

“Yes…” I trail, completely lost for anything else to say.

“I was a really big fan of his,” he says shyly, “This is the first chance I’ve had to travel here. I was hoping to see more of him.”

I bob my head in understanding and observe him as he awkwardly stands there, unsure of what to do with himself now. I admire the dedication he had to actually drive all the way out here and that after all these years he still holds fond memories of Lightning. I have to do something to make his trip worthwhile. 

“I could show you to his gravestone,” I offer suddenly. 

His attention shoots back to me. “He’s buried here?”

“Yeah. It wasn’t easy, but we made sure he was kept here. It’s out by the butte; I could show you if you like.”

“I would appreciate that,” he accepts graciously and steps aside so I can lead the way.

It is a long walk out to Willy’s Butte, but in the course of our walk I learn a few things about Damian. He’s from Motor City, just a few hours away, he lives on his own in an apartment there and he works part-time at a local repair shop. 

I’m about to ask him more casual questions when I am interrupted by a rumbling noise. I stop dead in my tracks, listening as the roaring sound reverberates through the atmosphere. My stomach tightens and I feel my skin start to turn hot. 

I lock eyes with Damian quickly and tensely say, “If you’ll excuse me for a minute…”

Then I storm past him towards the sound, which grows louder with every step. It’s the sound of a racecar. And there’s only one racecar in this town.   

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[i:27cg3luw]Chapter Four – All That’s Left
(Levina’s POV)[/i:27cg3luw]

I’m behind the wheel of dad’s racecar, having the time of life. I can’t believe this is really happening and how amazing it feels. It took me a while to get adjusted to it, but I’ve been driving since I was sixteen and this just seems like a moderate step up from a normal vehicle. Besides, it’s in my blood.

I catch my mother coming towards the butte from out of the corner of my eye. I clench my teeth together with irritation. Quite honestly though, I’m shocked it took her so long to find me.

She doesn’t bother taking the longer way around; I can see her climbing down the ledge through the rocks that jut out of the land. She must be [i:27cg3luw]really[/i:27cg3luw] mad.

I take one lap to slow the car and once my speed has dropped enough, I pull to a complete stop. I slide out of the driver’s side window and walk around to the other side of the car. I rest my back against the vehicle and cross my arms. If she thinks I’m going to meet her halfway then she’s crazy.

“Levina!” she hisses at me as soon as she is within speaking distance. I can tell she wants to scream but for some reason she’s not.

“Don’t look so surprised,” I shrug rudely.

“Who let you out here?” she demands brashly, “Was it Doc?”

“No,” I reply, “No one did. I came out here myself.”

Her face starts to boil with anger. Part of her looks almost a tad wounded by the fact that I’ve disobeyed her. A flicker of guilt passes through me before I push it away. Just because my father died doing this doesn’t mean anything. His past shouldn’t determine my future.

Suddenly she’s much closer and breathes furiously, “I told you that you are not to race that car.”

I raise my chin to her. It’s my classic fight stance. “Yeah, and I told you that I’m not taking that for an answer.”

Her eyes search me in disbelief, as if I’m about to jump off a cliff and she can’t understand why. Her hands grip just below my shoulders, tightly, frightfully.

“Vina,” she whispers, “I won’t let you do this. You’re all I have left.”

Now the guilt is really swarming. It is rising up into my throat, trying to force an apology from me. But I can’t do it. I can’t let go of knowing that this is what I want to do. I can’t kill a dream like that.

“No, Mom,” I say quietly, “I’m all you have left of [i:27cg3luw]him[/i:27cg3luw].”

She knows who I mean. Who else would I mean? It causes her to loosen her grip a little, but she won’t release me.

Then I find myself adding, “And maybe… maybe I’m all you have left of [i:27cg3luw]you[/i:27cg3luw].”

That does it. Her limbs go limp and she nearly stumbles back like I’ve just revealed some kind of horrifying secret. I think I have.

I have to take my chance while it’s there, so I march past her without looking back. I take the shortest route possible, and climb up the rocks just like she did. I nearly slip in my state of topsy-turvy emotions.

I don’t stop to dust my shorts off when I reach the top, I just keep going. I need to get away from this situation where I can think for a moment. In my haste to escape, I hardly notice the stranger standing in the desert sand until I’m almost upon him.

For a second all my feelings dissipate as I’m struck by the sight of this darkly handsome male. We exchange a look, and I find myself struggling to separate where the black of his pupils end and the deep brown of his irises begin. It’s mesmerizing, until I realize he’s staring at me. Judging me. And that sparks my fury again.

I keep walking, further away from the butte and closer to town. When I know the stranger is out of view, I let my legs start running until I meet the pavement of the Cozy Cone. I can feel tears of frustration welling over and I wipe them away with the back of my hands. My eyelashes have already clumped together from crying.

Then I rest on the steps to my cone, continually swiping the tears from my face before they have the chance to reach my cheeks. I make hideous sobbing and gasping noises for a good five minutes, awaiting my eyes to become sore.

Mom is probably still out at Willy’s Butte, calling Mater to tow the car back to garage. But I bet everyone else is watching me from their shops. I bet they’re all gawking at me. I can’t let them see me like this.

I get up and start to walk slowly towards the brush behind the motel. I haven’t been here in a quite some time. I know it’ll provide me with plenty of solitude.

I’ve hardly wandered into the foliage when I hear a voice sound from my backside.

“Hey! Wait!”

I don’t recognize the sound of it. It must be that stranger. I keep shuffling onwards. I knew he was judging me.

“Hey! Can I talk to you? I know how you feel,” the deep voice calls out.

My hands unconsciously tighten into fists. I want to lash out at him and yell profanities mixed with things like; Are you the child of Lightning McQueen? No. Have you been living here for seventeen years? No. He couldn’t possibly know how I feel.

However, I don’t say that. Something inside me says I should keep that information to myself. It’s like I’m playing some kind of game and I can’t reveal all my cards at once.

Instead I say, “No. You don’t.” Each word comes out sharply with a crackle, the kind you hear right when a clap of thunder splits.

“Believe me,” he responds, “My parents hate that I race too.”

Wait… did he just say ‘race’? That changes everything.

I stop walking but I still don’t turn towards him. I don’t want to show him my face. Not after I’ve finished crying, and it might make it easier for him to read my emotions.

I guess I’ve hesitated longer than I thought, because he continues talking and asks, “I mean, was that your mother out there?”

My chest constricts at the mention of her. At the moment I want to deny any relation to her at all. “You mean that-,” I fight to keep a cuss word from rolling off my tongue, “[i:27cg3luw]woman[/i:27cg3luw] that was out at the butte? Yeah.”

“I could tell,” he replies, and I hear him crunching a few footsteps closer. “You look just like her.”

I grimace at the same time that a fluttering feeling surfaces in my stomach. I don’t want to be told that I’m anything like her, but I have to admit, even for her age my mother is a beautiful woman. She always has been.

Does that mean he just complimented me? I’m not sure, and instead of ignoring such a stupid question, I let it continue to swell in my brain.

“Except for your eyes,” the stranger adds and I hear a few more footsteps. “You have the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.”

He had to have complimented me there. I deny it though, and swallow quickly before finally turning to face him.

“My father’s dead,” I blurt out, although I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because he just pointed out my dad’s best feature, or maybe it’s because I just feel like saying it to someone.

His face looks a little stunned and he scrambles to say, “I’m so sorry…”

I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I’m really regretting saying that. I don’t want him to pity me; I just thought it might help him understand me.

“That’s why my mom and I have so many issues,” I try to attach a reason to my outburst; even though I don’t think that’s why I said it in the first place. I decide to change the topic before waiting for a reply. “So, you race?”

He smiles at me. “Yeah, I do. My parents totally hate it though, so I’ve been through those kinds of fights too.”

I want to tell him something about how unnerving it is, but I figure he already knows. Still, it would be so nice to tell someone exactly what I have to put up with, someone [i:27cg3luw]not[/i:27cg3luw] from Radiator Springs.

“You know what I would always do?” he interrupts my contemplation.

“What?” I prompt nervously. I get this dumb idea that he’s about to offer me a cigarette or something.

“Play the guitar.”

“Oh,” I reply softly.

“Do you play anything?” he asks me with a curious look on his face.

I think he already knows the answer but I say it anyways, “No, I don’t actually.”

He almost looks happy from my response. “Wait here for a minute,” he instructs and starts to rapidly walk away. Then he halts and looks back over his shoulder. “I never got your name.”

“Levina,” I supply.

He smiles and says back in return, “Damian.”

A split second passes where I get this urge to tell him what my name means. But that would be revealing a card, and there’s something about Damian that challenges me to be just as mysterious as him.

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