Buffy The Vampire Slayer

One of my favorite shows. I’m watching in order for the first time with my mom. We are currently on Season 2, so please put spoiler tags on spoilers.

Best show in the history of TV.

Season 1 is awful, but it really picks up in season 2. The Body, Restless, Once More with Feeling, Storyteller, Grave, etc. are flawless.

Hey, cool! I accidentally scrolled down too far in this forum and spotted this thread. I watched a bit of “Buffy” when it was on TV, including when it very first premiered, but I was so young then (~7) that I just waited until I was at a slightly more appropriate age until I started watching it regularly, so that was around the very end of the series.

For work, I was recording excerpts from a book about the show and s*xuality/gender politics/feminism/etc., and it made me REALLY want to watch the series. Just my luck, Netflix has the ENTIRE show on instant watch! So I basically knew right then and there that a giant Buffy marathon would soon commence. I started around Monday and am currently halfway through season 2.

After Buffy Season 3, watch a Buffy then an Angel, another Buffy, and another Angel. You get the picture. Angel is all on Netflix also.

I finished season 3 just recently but I’m going to finish “Buffy” first and then go ahead to “Angel.”

You sure? The Buffy And Angel crossover episodes give away spoilers on the previous Angel episode.

I’ll be okay. I’m more interested in “Buffy” than the spin-off, even if the story lines are parallel.

I’m on the first season of Angel right now. It doesn’t seem as good as Buffy but it’s fairly enjoyable.

Well right now I’m on Season 7 of Buffy the final season (the reason I didn’t finish a long time ago is cause my mom recently got a job and some days she does not want to watch a Buffy and Angel and it took us a long time to get through Buffy Season 5 and Angel Season 2) and Angel Season 4. I’m excited to see how Buffy ends, even though I found out online by accident that in the series finale Anya dies :cry: I wish it was Dawn not Anya