Buzz Fights Zurg

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Part 1:
It’s a Thursday afternoon and the toys are playing a production of Les Miserables.
Mr. Prickelepants: (as Jean Valjean)Take my hand And lead me to salvation Take my love For love is everlasting And remember The truth that once was spoken To love another person Is to see the face of God.
Buzz: When are we ever doing a Star Wars play?
Mr. Pricklepants: You wouldn’t know a cultural play if it was lasered to the back of your head.
Buzz: (sighs) Whatever.
Woody: (Shouting) Guys! Guys! Bonnie’s coming! Hurry up! Back to your places now!
All the toys take their places and stay still.
Bonnie: Hey guys! I missed you all so much today!
She hugs Woody, Buzz, and Jessie, sets her backpack down, and runs downstairs for dinner. After she leaves, her backpack falls off the chair. Woody goes over to un-zip and Barbie and Ken step out.
Ken and Barbie: Hey guys! Long time, no see. (laughs to themselves)
Woody: Hey guys!
Buttercup: Who are these guys?
Jessie: Barbie is Andy’s sister’s old toy, and Ken is her boyfriend that she met at Sunnyside.
Buttercup: Oh.
Buzz: Well what are you guys doing here?
Ken: Something terrible’s happening at Sunnyside!
Mr. Potatohead: Did Lotso come back? Well, I have half a mind to go kick that strawberry smellin, no good, rotten bear’s_
Barbie: No it’s not Lotso. It’s way worse than that.
Ken: During play time a kid dropped a Zurg toy really hard. We had to reset him and, well you can probably guess what happened from there.
Dolly: Who’s Zurg and what happened?
Buzz: Zurg is my arch nemesis in the show that I merchandise from. You see, when toys from my line of toys come out of our box, we tend to believe we are the real thing. I think what Ken’s implying is that he’s become evil again and has taken over Sunnyside.
Ken: Right! And you, Buzz, are the only one who can defeat him. We need you to come back to Sunnyside to hold him down so that we can turn him back to being good.
Buzz: Well, I wish I could help, but it’s been so long since I’ve been a “Space Ranger” that I’ve forgotten how to defeat him.
Rex: Oo! Oo! I could defeat Zurg! Remember that one time?
Slinky: Rex, that was on an elevator shaft. Sunnyside is not deep enough for him to fall that low.
Rex: Good point.
Woody: Wait, I have a plan! We can switch you to demo again, then you’ll be on your original factory setting, you’ll think you’re a Space Ranger, and you’ll know how to defeat Zurg! Then, after you’ve defeated him, we switch you back to regular, and we go back home!
Buzz: Good thinking Woody! All right! Barbie and Ken, you can sleep in the toy box tonight, and then we’ll go back to daycare tomorrow! Sunnyside will be back to normal in no time!
Part 2 coming soon…

Part 2:
Buzz wakes up. He walks over to Woody.
Buzz: (whispering loudly) Woody, are you awake.
Woody: I am now.
Buzz: Good. I want you to come with me.
Woody: All right. Why though?
Buzz: I don’t wanna go back home by my self and you’re my best friend so I want you to see the fight.
Woody: All right. I might as well since I’m already awake.
Buzz: Awesome! Now let’s go wake up Barbie and Ken and put them in Bonnie’s backpack before Bonnie notices.
Woody: Do you also want me to wake up the other toys before she wakes up?
Buzz: Sure go ahead.
Buzz goes to the toy box to get Barbie and Ken while Woody taps all the toys lightly.
Buzz: (to Barbie and Ken)Into the back pack you two! Hurry!
Barbie and Ken: Okay
Jessie: Wait a minute, I think Bonnie’s mom is coming! Hurry everyone back to your spots!
Barbie and Ken hurry into the back pack and Buzz quickly zips it up and then scatters into place with the other toys.
Bonnie’s mom:(to Bonnie) Good morning Bonnie! Wake up it’s time for breakfast!
Bonnie: Okay mommy.
They leave the room.
Buzz: All right Woody! Into the back pack!
Woody: Shouldn’t we say good bye to everyone first? it’ll be a while before Bonnie finishes breakfast.
Buzz: Oh yeah! I forgot. Thanks Woody!
Buzz: (Walking aroun the room) Seeya Potatoheads!
Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead: Seeya later Buzz
Buzz: Seeya Slinky!
Slinky: Give em Heck Buzz
Buzz: I will. Good bye Bullseye.
Bullseye: (on his hind legs) Neiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhh!
Buzz: Good bye everyone else. And Jessie, just in case I don’t come back, I’ll miss you most of all.
Buzz and Jessie hug.
Jessie: Kick his butt!
Woody: I’m sure he will. Good bye everybody!
Everone: Good bye Woody and Buzz! Seeya after day care!
Woody and Buzz walk inside the back pack and Jessie zips it up.
Rex: Bonnie’s coming back up to get ready for school! Back to your places!
The toys scatter back to their places.
Buzz: I cannot wait for this! I’ll finally get to battle Zurg!
Ken: Now remember the plan. You won’t have very long during recess. Make that half hour last.
Buzz: Okay Ken, but what if I don’t?
Ken: Then you’ll have to spend the weekend at Sunnyside.
Buzz: Well I wouldn’t want that to happen.
The camera cuts over to Bonnie’s mom’s car pulling into Sunnyside. We now see Bonnie’s mom walking Bonnie to the Butterfly Room.
Bonnie’s mom: Now have a great day sweetie! If you need me then you’ll know where to find me at the front desk okay?
Bonnie: Okay mommy.
They hug. Then Bonnie runs over to the back pack area and sets her back pack down. Twitch carefully walks over and unzips it quietly.
Twitch: Now, come on out you guys. Zurg’s in the Caterpillar Room today.
Barbie: Allrighty then. Thank you Twitch!
Twitch: No problem! Now have a nice fight Mr. Lightyear! (lightly punching Buzz on the shoulder)
Twitch moves into his position.
Ken: Come on!
They all tiptoe over to the Caterpillar Room.
Ken: (pointing) There he is! Now hide under this bucket until the recess bell rings. It’s our day to be in the Butterfly Room, but we’ll be back to see the fight okay?
Woody and Buzz: Okay!
They slide the bucket against the wall and they hide under it. To their surprise, no toddler lifts it. The recess bell rings about an hour later and the kids run outside. Barbie, Ken, Twitch, and Sparks come over with a screw driver.
Woody: Seeya later Buzz! Have a nice fight.
Buzz: Thanks Woody! I’ll see you after this is over!
Woody unscrews Buzz’s back and turns his switch to demo. Buzz gets back up.
Buzz: Buzz Lightyear to Star Command! Star Command come in can you read me? Why don’t they ever answer!
Buzz turns around.
Buzz: (with his laser positioned) Halt! Who goes there?!
Woody: It’s okay we’re friends!
Buzz puts his laser back.
Buzz: What planet am I on?
Woody: Uh, Planet Sunnyside. You were about to fight Zurg but then you fell and got knocked out cold. I knew you wouldn’t remember anything.
Sparks: (whspering) Nice improvising.
Buzz: I see. Well where is Evil Emperor Zurg anyway? I need to defeat him!
Chunk: (coming out from unnder the table) He’s over there!
Zurg turns around and walks over slowly
Zurg: So we meet again Buzz Lightyear! For the last time! I’ve been waiting for you! Ready for me to beat you?
Buzz: Not today Zurg!
Part 3 coming soon…

Part 3 (the Finale):
(starting from where part 2 ended)
Buzz: Not today Zurg!
Zurg shoots a ball from his Ion Blaster. Buzz dodges it.
Buzz: Ha! You think you’re real clever don’t you Zurg? Well you leave the creatures of Planet Sunnyside alone! (pointing at Big Baby)Especially that radioactive baby!
Big Baby: Goo?
Barbie: It’s okay Big Baby, he just thinks this is an alien planet.
Buzz: Now get a load of this Evil Emperor!
Buzz fires his laser and the light makes Zurg shield his eyes.
Zurg: Ow!
Buzz: More where that came from!
Buzz runs over and punches Zurg which makes Zurg fall down. Zurg grabs hold of Buzzes feet and makes him fall down.
Woody: Buzz, use your Karate Chop action!
Buzz: My what?
Woody turns Buzz around to Zurg and presses the button on his back.
Buzz: Good thinking Sheriff!
Buzz repeatedly presses the button on his back until Zurg can’t get up.
Buzz: You see Zurg, you simply just can’t win against a Space Ranger from the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4!
Ken and Barbie hold Zurg down and open him up with the screwdriver and press his reset button.
Zurg: Ken, Barbie, where am I?
Ken and Barbie: Zurg! You’re back to normal!
They hug him.
Buzz: Wait Zurg is good now? Wow! These aliens sure are good at brainwashing!
Presses his opens up his wrist panel.
Buzz: Buzz Lightyear Mission log. I am located in Planet Sunnyside. I just battled Zurg and found out he’s good thanks to the brainwashing skills of a well-dressed alien and his girlfriend.
Woody: Hey Buzz, sorry to interrupt your mission log but now we have to, uh, uprade you before the giant aliens get back.
Buzz: Uprade?
Woody: Yeah, we make your laser twice as powerful and you can talk to Star Command with holograms after it.
Buzz: Wow! I never knew about these upgrades! Do whatever you need Sheriff!
Woody lies bus down, opens his back up, and resets him.
Buzz: Oh hey Woody. Did I win?
Woody: Yep Buzz, you won!
Buzz: Is Zurg back to normal?
Barbie: Yep!
Buzz: So Sunnyside’s at peace now?
Ken: Yep!
Buzz: All right then, you guys take care now. And Zurg, be careful which kids play with you all right?
Zurg: All right! Seeya Buzz!
Buzz: Seeya Zurg and all the rest of you! Come on Woody, let’s get back to Bonnie’s backpack before recess is over.
Buzz and Woody walk away and the next shot is of Bonnie’s mom pulling the car back into the driveway. Bonnie runs up to her room.
Bonnie: Hey guys!
Runs over to hug Woody, Buzz, and Jessie but only sees Jessie.
Bonnie: Where’s Woody and Buzz?
She looks all over her room and then opens her backpack. She sees Woody and Buzz.
Bonnie: How did you guys get in there? I must’ve packed you up by mistake!
She hugs them and Woody and Buzz wink at each other. All was right at Sunnyside and at home and everybody resumed their daily lives.
The End

even tought i lost all respect for buzz as a fighter in Ts3 that was AWESOME! :smiley: and also very funny , I love this kind of action oriented toy story fanfics

Well, you know, me too. I’m an even bigger fan of the “Toy Story” franchise than you guys. I love your stories, mine are coming soon. And one of them/one piece of them is coming now. I hope you all enjoy this!