Buzz&Woodyforever's Signatures

I decided to try making signatures myself, instead of using random ones I found on Google Images, and I think my first one turned out pretty good:

More coming soon!

I love it! The font is beautiful, and Harry’s expression is perfect for the goodbye moment. Great job!

Thanks. It took me a while to find just the right pic, but then I saw that one, and was like, “that’s perfect!” Then, I went to work on adding the text and everything.

Some SpongeBob ones…

Some Disney/Marvel ones:

Poor Spider-Man…

I think Mickey better run, because he won’t like Hulk when he’s angry…

No comments on my new sigs? What did I do wrong? Then again, I still think my first one is the best.

Some Pixar ones (maybe I should get a mod to move this to fan-art?):

Haha, you have very funny sigs! I really like your Spongebob sigs, but your best one is ‘I’ve been planning this since the first movie.’

Thanks. Just noticed that my Spider-Man one isn’t showing up anymore… :angry:

EDIT: NVM, now it is.

Very nice signature! I like them! :smiley:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I decided to make a sig dedicated to one of my favorite Disney villains, Gaston!

Great choice, I like it!

New sig!

Yay, Invader ZIM! I like it.

I very much like the Spongebob one about networks that resort to live action :slight_smile:


Great job on all of them! My favorite are the “Spider-Man”, “Remy and Dug” and “I’ve been waiting to do this since the first film” ones.

My signature for the awards:

Nice job!