Calendar Suggestion

I just have a suggestion that is related to the calendar…

I don’t think the calendar is being used to its full potential. Pixar Planet members could submit events to the calendar (above) and the event would get reviewed by the staff and either submitted or declined. Hopefully more submissions will make it through than declines. :wink:

I write Pixar-related events on my calendar at home (which happens to be a Pixar calendar, he he) and it would just be efficient to have it on this calendar here, to share the event with other people and also to let them know of the event via a notification on the day of the event (similar the the “you have 1 new message” notification.) This notification could be disabled in members’ profile, of course.

Examples of events could be: a Pixar film being released in cinemas and DVD, book release, Pixar movies on TV, Pixarian birthdays, Pixar Planet anniversaries and events… I’m sure once people start submitting, you’ll be surprised at how Pixar-related the year will seem. =)

If you really wanted to get technical, the events which only apply to people of specific country, the notification system will only notify people of that country. But all events will be displayed on the calendar regardless of which country you live in.


I think you are right rachel. The calendar is something that should be used to its full potential. I think it is a great idea if we can get it organized and all of our information gathered.

That sounds like a great idea, Rachel. We’ll have to hear what Mell O Drama (alias Mell Mussolini, alias Mell Città Tito Sant’Angelo, alias Casanova) thinks first though before we get we get our hopes up too much. It’d be a great addition to the forums!

Very good idea, but the country thing may not work as some people don’t set their country.

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A very good idea, Rachel! You’re so right- the calender isn’t being used to its full potential. It could become a very effective diary for Pixar fans, so we’d never miss an important date.

That is a good idea. I’d probably disable getting notifications though, since there could potentially end up being a lot in my Inbox then…

I definitely agree with you there, rachel! The calendar feature would be that much more interesting and efficient if used to its full potential. I would love to see it receive an update.

– Mitch

is it just me or is there absolutely nothing in the calender… :question:

There’s nothing in it for me either.

I’m glad this idea has been well received. I am really eager to add some events to the calendar. Is there any way to add events without having to create a thread for that event?

I thought that I would bring this thread back from the dead, since I just took a look at the calendar and realized that there was still nothing written in it…

Concerning rachel’s question (above), I wondered the same thing. I would love to add events to the calendar without having to create an affiliate post on the subject, but, at the moment, I don’t think that that’s do-able. Perhaps we could consult PV on the matter?

– Mitch

I feel like the Axiom’s passengers:

“I didn’t realise we had a pool!”


Now that I’ve discovered this feature, I’m disappointed I can’t add any entries to it. Is it only editable by mods and admins?

One feature I’d love to suggest is that users should be able to submit their own fan-made material release projections. I love to set myself a target for a project release so it coincides with an event, say, I post a fan trailer on the day of the film’s premiere in Australia, or someone’s organising a contest and wants to set a deadline for submission that everyone could refer to on the calendar. And for regular fan-work posters like TSS’ Incredibles 2:Syndrome’s Revenge fanfiction, he could leave a short teaser tagline or something on the days that he posts the chapters (It’s every Tuesday) so that it looks like a TV episode guide! I’m trying to do the same for my fanfic (But it’s hard work, and I haven’t decided which day to release it every week).

Whaddya guys say? :slight_smile:

I’d still really like this feature to be available, but I don’t know what’s happening… if we are even able to change stuff around here at the mo’, but I’ll be patient. It would be cool if the users were able to change the calendar, or submit an event to a mod for approval first. There are tons of events we could add (like I said above.) May as well take advantage of the calendar to get the word out about events.

Andre - I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but I like general idea of having a separate calendar for dates for people’s creative projects, because if it was included with the normal calendar, I think it would get cluttered.

Fair 'nuff, Rachel. Or should I say “fair dinkum”? :wink:

Either one’s fine, but I never say ‘Fair dinkum.’ :wink:

I think the country adjustment would work. Even if some people don’t set their country, it is still a particular aspect of important because we Asian fans have major differences in the dates of events, so it would help us a lot if you don’t mind. :smiley:

I think this is a great idea, especially the customizable aspect of it. If we could set our own calenders (in the site) to our specific country (among other settings), we would have like, our own electronic Pixar calender! And it doesn’t even cost us a penny. :laughing: