Candy's Junkyard

[size=92]You mean like an avatar or signature?

Because I will already be doing an Easter-themed picture about Ramone when I can be bothered. But because that’s

not an avatar/sig, then sure, I can.[/size]

Cool! I really like your Cars sig pictures! The one with King & Chick is especially

amusing :slight_smile: And the avatars of the DRH are cool too. I really like the Wingo and DJ ones.

[size=92]Thanks! ^-^ Yeah, I’d have to say the DJ one is my fav.

I thought of this idea just

last night and decided to make it into a





– that’s funny. Good one! :laughing:

LOL, vey funny! :laughing:

LOL! That siggy cracked me up! And that’s because I can’t see a spider in front of me without starting

screaming! :laughing:

Snotrod was funny in that one. Great work

Candy. It is really good. I liked it alot.

[size=92]Thanks everyone! The expression on his face was just too priceless

to ignore. He’s like all, “OH NOES”… :laughing: [/size]


Who knew Snot Rod was so squeamish about spiders? :wink: and the expression he has just totally fits!

Good stuff! Very funny! :smiley:

I love

this one

funny great job Pixel Candy!!! :smiley:

[size=92]Thanks Spider-Man! :stuck_out_tongue: [/size]

I sometimes wonder what Wingo is thinking, since he is

also in the joint with his other buddies.

[size=92]He’s probably thinking,

“Why is that annoying camera zooming in on my pouty face?”[/size]

[size=92]New Lightning McQueen avatar:

And another funny DRH signature. :smiley:


HAHA! That Lightning McQueen one is so hilarious! :laughing:

[size=92]Thanks, Bill. The expression was too priceless to ignore… 8D[/size]

Puh-ha!!! Oh man, that Lightning McQueen one is great! I’m crackin’ up… :laughing:

And the Delinquents one is pretty funny, too. :wink:

ha ha ha, that is pretty funny. I love it. so nice.

Oh man, once again the captions for these shots just totally fit! I like the DRH sig picture.