Candy's Junkyard

[size=92]I like adding weird and funny captions to

Cars screenshots… and I needed somewhere to put them all. So here’s lots of signatures and avatars for all!

(Mostly Cars signatures, btw, but I’m flexible. And there’s a couple of non-Pixar things there


Here’s what I’ve got so far. [b]Feel free to use, as long as you don’t say that

you’re the one who made it! :wink:



















Yeah… that’s all for now… some of them might need to be resized; they’re pretty big for signature


They’re so funny! I love the "does this pinstriping

make my butt look big" one! :laugh: Funny suff!

[size=92]Thanks, Maggie! Some avatars are coming along soon! :wink:


Pixel-Candy: I really like your graphics. I just think you should watch the

language on the Sheriff and Doc one. Remember this is a PG site.

Puh-ha! Now there’s some humor! Heheh – great

signatures. :wink:

But yes, you might want to not cross the language barrier. Also, this is a Pixar-based

site; henceforth, I’m not sure if non-Pixar graphics are necessary/allowed. Just a “heads up”…


are so cool I love all of them great job Pixel Candy!!! :smiley: My favorite one is the 3 one. :smiley:

[size=92]Yeah, I did

consider switching around the language on the Sheriff/Doc one. In fact, I’ll do it right now. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry


Thanks again to everyone. < 3[/size]

Where did you get those

pics from? :slight_smile:

You did a good job with all of those. :smiley:

[size=92]LightingandSally - I got some of them

from… … y/?start=0

And all the others from

YouTube. -cheap-

Thank you Bill![/size]

Mitch : No ,

any non-pixar images are aloud . FONY used an avatar of Around The World in 80 days once , and I enjoy using my

“popular” one . Speaking of which , I have to go practice my Galinda voice for karaoke tonight ; I’m

singing Poplar ! God , I’m gonna look like a blonde ( no offense to any blonde haired peoples ! )

Pixel Candy- Some very funny graphics there!

You’ve matched what they’re saying to their expressions perfectly!


Actually, I think what Mitch meant was that although your avatar and signature can be to do with anything,

including non-Pixar stuff, actually posting artwork and graphics in posts has to be about Pixar and nothing


Oh… well then , yeah ,

I guess Mitch is right .

lizardgirl - Cha – that’s

what I meant. Heh, sorry I didn’t explain it very well, gottalovepixar. :wink:

[size=92]Okay, I’ll go take that one off


[size=92]Made some DRH-related




Ha ha ha! Very funny Candy. I just love the delienquent cars.

Haha –

awesome! Nice style, too. I love how those turned out. Great job! :smiley:

[size=92]Thank you both! I definitely had fun

with those ones.[/size]

Since you really love Cars, and Easter is coming up, can you try an Easter themed Cars