CarFreak's Creations

Well, this is all I got so far.

So, what do ya think?

P.S. Click on my profile to see more art.

I just checked your profile and I have to say that it looks absolutely amazing. I love your guido picture. Nice work carfreak. Can’t wait to see more.

Thank you TSS! I plan on doing more.

I didn’t know you had a dA account! I’ll be watching you, OK? :wink:

About the drawing, it’s really cute, I love his bored expression. :laughing:

You are welcome. if you willing, may you please tell me what is next in store?

Well, right now I’m drawing a Remy picture. He looks kinda weird though.

Maggie Oh thanks!

CarFreak - Heheh – very cute, CarFreak! I love the soft colors you chose for Guido.

I can’t wait for that Remy picture, by the way! :wink:

– Mitch

WOW CarFreak, it looks great! :smiley:

“Pit Stop.” - Guido

Great job, CarFreak! I love his eyes…hungry for more! :smiley:

Thanks Everyone! :smiley:

Here’s the Remy picture. Sorry, he’s blue but I didn’t find a greyish color anywhere so… yeah he’s blue. And his hands, feet, and tail are purple. It’s my scanner doing all that.


Heheh. Cute! That cheese is making me hungry… :wink:

Nice job, CarFreak. :smiley:

Cool stuff, Carfreak! I love that one with Remy! :smiley:

Yay CArfreal. It looks really, really good. The cheese pat of it is too cute. Very nice.

Good job on those CF! Looks like we’ve got another artist on board! :mrgreen:

CarFreak- Aww, Guido looks so sweet! I love his expression. :smiley: And Remy has such a satisfied smile on his face! Such a rat, always thinking about cheese. :laughing:

Thanks :smiley:
Texas loves Pixar

I gots a few more I did today. (all Cars really. :wink: )
[url][/url] Baby Mater
[url][/url] Snot Rod!

[url][/url] A Young Sad Mater

Aww, they all look too cute! Especially the Mater one. Very nice work. Please do more.

Nice Mater there, CarFreak! :sunglasses:

Mater looks so sweet, CarFreak, but the sad one is really heart-wrenching. Nice colour work, too!