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here’s my cars story,


Actaully, I loved your story, CarFreak! You’ve got a pretty good plot, and it’s interesting you put yourself in there! I guess my only problem with it is the few instances of language…I mean, Cars is a family film, and it doesn’t seem right to pepper it with cuss words. Also, what do you wright it in? If you use Microsoft Word, it would have picked up alot of those misspellings…nobody’s perfect. Otherwise, you’ve got a wonderful story that has a nice “beat” and “feel” to it! :smiley:

So…where’s my cookie? :wink:

:laughing: LOL sorry, I ate it! Thank you for reviewing! :smiley: I just put quite a few words i rated it T.

You ate my cookie? :frowning:

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Again, very good! Please wright more! I can’t wait! :sunglasses:

Sorry! :laughing: i’m going to post another chapter right…after I write it which is right now

chapter 5 is up :smiley:


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Hey, this is comin’ along, CarFreak! I can’t wait to see if Doc and your dad fight…I wonder who’ll win! :smiley: :wink:

Great job Carfreak! It could have done without the swearing, but the plot was good. :smiley:

Sorry, I have to ask this, do you watch Spongebob? That conversation from chapter four reminded me of one of the episodes.

Ha Ha :laughing: ya I stole it from Spongebob.

Gasdude: Who do you think will win? Well, they left before they could fight. so, yeah.

Not bad. It’s a little weird that Steve wouldnt realize who Doc really was. But it is enjoyable :slight_smile: I’ll be interested to see what happens next…

Yeah me to.

another chapter is up!

Wow that was good !

And just to let you know , it’s spelled “funeral” , not “founral” . :wink:

I did a Finding Nemo