Carl & Russell and Star Wars

I recently rewatched UP’s end credits and was intrigued by the picture of Carl and Russell leaving from seeing Star Wars. Just for fun, which SW movie do you think they saw and what do you think they thought of it?

Haha! :smiley: That bit always intrigued me as well. I bet Russell loved it - he seems like the type to enjoy dramatic action movies. Carl was probably left dizzy by it. :slight_smile:

Well given that Russel is 10 to 12 my best assumption would be the Star Wars Clone Wars film. Given that the film happens during the Bush II admin, the prequels might also be possible.

I think the movie takes place in 2005, so Revenge of the Sith would make perfect sense. I agree with Leirin on what they probably thought. :stuck_out_tongue: I would love to see 60 second long Up shorts that are extensions of the scrapbook scenes in the credits. But then again, I would be thoroughly entertained by an Up sequel about Carl sleeping for 80 minutes, so…

I’d say that was definetally the original 1977: A New Hope, but it’s re-released so many times it’s actually quite realistic.

I always assumed it was the original. I’ll bet Russell had seen it on TV/video but never on the big screen before, and was excited about that. And you know, I think Carl would really enjoy it. The original Star Wars had that fun, “Saturday Matinee adventure” feel, and would take Carl back to his childhood at the movie theatre. Plus, he would probably relate to the story of the old man who is sought out by the eager kid, bonds with him, and ends up “swordfighting” the bad guy.

I assumed it was the original too. I figured if it was any of the others, there would have been a subtitle underneath it.

It’s been awhile since I watched Up. How did you guys come to such accurate time period conclusions? :question:

I’ll never find a link to back this up, but I know I read/heard somewhere official that Up begins in 1935, when Carl is 8 years old, and the main plot takes place in 2005, when he is 78.

It’s in the Art of Up book where it shows Carl throughout the decades as a little boy to an elderly man. He’s arguably the most cantankerous during George W Bush’s reign.

I always thought it was the first one. :question:

As Chuckles said, it’s probably a re-screening.

And, like karly05, I also think Carl would have loved it. He had the right age to watch it when it originally came with Ellie, and I’m sure they both loved it. They’re the most adventure-loving couple ever, aren’t they?

^ Exactly. :smiley:

Just to add on to this, Up could in theory take place in 2015… :mrgreen: OWP has a fangirly moment just thinking about Episode VII Probably not, but I couldn’t help but wonder…

But then again, wasn’t everybody?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.