Cars fanfic group?


I’m thinking of starting a group on yahoo for Cars fanfiction writers, and anyone else who wants

to join. I’m thinking we can exchange story ideas, critique eachothers fanfics, and talk about the movie. I’m

trying to see if I can find enough interested people to make it worthwhile. Would anyone here be interested in

joining such a group?

Sounds good!

I told ya that I would but…Don’t you need a yahoo account? If so I don’t have

one. (But i’ll get one!) :slight_smile:

I think you do need one but they are really easy to get,

all you have to do is fill out a form online.

[size=92]I would but I don’t have (or want) a Yahoo account. I’ve got all my friends on and DA anyway :slight_smile:[/size]

BorntothePurple: Why

not just do it on That is the mothersite for all fanfiction writers.

I am actually thinking the group

could be FOR writers mostly- I would love to have a few people to give feedback on fics before I

post them, would love to get to know some of the ff people better, and would be happy to have a forum to exchange

story challenges and ideas. I was thinking some other people might feel the same way. It wouldn’t be to replace

Yahoo is MUCH easier to work with than the FF forum section. Also, on the ff forums, you are not

allowed to post stories, can’t get or reply to posts in e-mail (which is much more convenient) and the Cars

forums get VERY little traffic anyway. Yahoo is just much more user friendly and I think vastly preferable.

There are several yahoo groups for writers on, just not one for Cars. So it’s not an

original idea really, alot of people seem to find the yahoo format easier to use and a good choice for getting to

know people.