Cars Music Vid: Wings Of A Butterfly


You just go and take your time okay? I know how you feel and I won’t tell you to rush it. We shall wait for it.

But you come first.

Ok I did the AoA thing

but when i tryed to import it into windows movie maker it says its not indexed and cant be imported.Stupid thing!

:angry: Help!

Having some technical difficulties LS? :wink:


:confused: :slight_smile:

What kind of file did you save it as? I would save it as a WMV file.

Yep. :slight_smile:

Did you do

that? Or is it still a problem?

I just watched this video a few more times again. It is very Therapeutic for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for making it Candy!!!

what an awesome vid!!! wingo rocks!!!
TSS-thanks!!! Now I can make videos useing clips!! I used to use slideshows too!!

I see. Are you going to make a Cars MV too?

Wow I just watched this video again, Still love it!!!