Cars Music Vid: Wings Of A Butterfly

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This is a simple music video tribute to Wingo

from the film Cars, featuring the song “Wings of a Butterfly” by H.I.M. This tribute is full to the

brim with Wingo screenshots and fanart from my friends (and myself). Enjoy!

Wingo belongs to Pixar and


I just saw it. I must say that is

more along the lines of a slide show than a music video. And I love the song. Sorry, I was expecting videos, but

Wingo is limted on screentime, so the fan art was a great idea. NIce work


TSS. I don’t know how to put video clips in a movie yet - in fact, I

can’t because I don’t have a DVD player. :confused: But thanks


You don’t have dvd player

for your computer? Well, I’m going to suggest that you use files of the Cars trailer and clips and then try it


[size=92]Meh… I


I liked it. I liked seeing all that

fan art. It was a nice touch. Plus that song got stuck in my head, lol!

Do you plan on making any more music

videos Candy?

[size=92]I dunno - possibly… though I’ve recently been working on the rough storyboard-like draft

for my own Cars outtake, which I posted on one of the Pixar Planet boards and I liked my idea so much that I

thought a movie of it would be cool. (…And yes, I had to do my own voiceacting. I sound HORRIBLE. :laughing:


Aww – don’t say that! Who

knows? We just might love it! Bad or not, I’ll still enjoy watching it. :wink:

Tss:How do you do the dvd thing? :confused:
Pc:Great job!You did good! :smiley:

L&S It is called AOA Dvd ripper. It rips clips from your dvd on to a file. I use those to

make my little MVs.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

You are welcome L&S. Do you plan on making a Cars MV too?

Yep, Im working on it

right now. :wink:

SO NICE… Wingo is my Fav character (as you

probably all know)

Oh sweet! I can’t wait to see it! What is it going to be about?

[size=92]Actually, I found a few of my Cars friends on DeviantArt who are

willing to do some voiceacting. So that’s good. ^-^[/size]

Candy -

Even better! I’m glad to hear it.

I look forward to the music video. :wink:

Me too. It is going to be good!

Tss:You already know. :wink: I`m going

to do one with Mater too,and a pixar one too,but I don`t know if I can do it right now because of what happended

to my dog. :cry: :cry: :cry: