Cars Toons: Tales From Radiator Springs

Surprised this hasn’t been mentioned here yet, but 3 new Cars Toons have been released! They’ve started a new series of Cars Toons, and this time they’re being called Tales from Radiator Springs. They’re shorter than Mater’s Tall Tales, and they focus on a variety of characters. Here are the links for the videos:

Hiccups … 95f7eb6863

Bugged … 95f7eb6863

Spinning … 95f7eb6863

Enjoy! :sunglasses:

Yes, thank you K9Girl! They are all very good, and I especially love Spinning! Red is so adorable in Bugged and Hiccups is fun (hint: I think Sally x McQueen fans will love this one! :wink: )

I had literally no idea these existed until I got an update on FB about it… and I’d already missed them. But thank goodness for the online versions! I love them to absolute pieces! After many wonderful Tall Tales, I love seeing the Cars characters in their normal, everyday life for a bit of a change (not hating on the Tall Tales by any means, folks). I love them all! Hiccups is downright hilarious [spoil](and that little LightningXSally bit made me completely geek out)[/spoil], Spinning has so much super-fun energy, and Bugged was so very sweet. I’m glad Pixar’s still keeping us up-to-date with Radiator Springs, and they’re doing it awesomely! :mrgreen:

These were pretty good. Nice to see them move away from the Mater’s Tall Tales routine.

I just found out that we’re getting a new one of these super-soon! It’s The Radiator Springs 500 1/2!! Read more about it here … cars-short
I’m majorly excited for this one! I wish it wasn’t only going to be on Disney Movies Anywhere, but it will likely come to the next volume of Pixar Shorts eventually. I’m just so glad that Pixar is making doubly sure that we get lots of new stuff to make up for the lack of a new film :mrgreen:

So The Radiator Springs 500 1/2 is up on Disney Movies Anywhere now! All you have to do to watch it is login to DMA with your Disney account (which I’ve already had one for some time if you don’t have one it’s not hard to set one up) and go to the “Discover” section! It’s great! Lots of nostalgia, we get to see more of the town, great one-liners from Mater, and this time we get the real Owen Wilson playing Lightning! So yeah it’s awesome! :smiley:

It always confused me why they bothered making “Mater’s Tall Tales” a subtitle when it was the only kind they ever made.

Now, it all makes sense! :open_mouth: