Castoro's Icons and Signatures

I pretty much work in all mediums of fandom. Crazy, eh?

Wow, the variety on display… it’s just mind-boggling! I think I commented on a few on the Wall-E Forum sometime back… so I’ll just say one word here:



A most marvelous collection of graphics, Castoro Chiaro! I love them all, although if I had to pick a few favorites they would be the, “”, “Sacrifice”, “Give Me The Plant!”, “Noez!!”, “Evah?”, and “Your defiance angers M-O” avatars.

Great work! Keep it up! :smiley:

– Mitch

Great collection of avatars! Shows a nice variety and all are really well done! Keep it up!

That’s quite a collection! I love them all! I don’t know which ones are my favourites! :laughing: If I had to choose, some of the ones I really like are ‘Ooh, shiny!’, the animated ‘Give me the plant!’ one and the sketchy Auto one to the right of it. Very good work, Castoro Chiaro! Looking forward to your next batch. :smiley:

Castoro Chiaro: I really love the graphics and icons dude. Really cute. They all work! My only complaint is that some of the text is hard to read, but other than that, well done.

Those are magnificent, all of them! I love the “Happily Ever After” one, “I need you”, “Hi!” “SRSLY?” “Give me the plant” and “Find your star”.

Castoro Chiaro: I can’t possibly put my finger on my favorite at this point! These are all so amazing; some of the best I’ve seen on here! :slight_smile: I have to say though, the one that stood out the most to me was definitely “Hopelessly in love…” If that was a direct reference to the Journey song, you just totally made my week. That’s like my favorite song. Ever. Like… ever. (haha)

I hope you don’t mind if one of these days I decide to use one…? 'Cuz once I get sick of mine I’ll know where to find a new one!! :smiley: (Plus I’ve been a little selfish recently and have only been wearing ones I’ve made myself, so it’s kind of a big stretch for me to wear someone else’s stuff. But it’s so much fun…!)

little chef

Woah, cool variety you’ve got here! :sunglasses:

Not gonna point out faves cuz I generally like all of em for what they are.

Keep it up! :-D)


little_chef_eva09: Wow, thank you! How very flattering :smiley: I’ve yet to hear the song you mentioned, but I’ll have to look it up. I just saw Wall-E’s lovestruck expression, and the old idiom “Hopelessly in Love” instantly came to mind.

Please do use one! It’s why I post them here.

The Star Swordsman: I’ll keep working on the text. I’m using a cheap little Photoshop knock-off program called Photo Explosion to make these and it’s really not the best thing in the world. But I’ll keep experimenting.

Anyhow, I figured I should update! Bet nobody’s surprised they’re all Nemo-related. I’ve had pictures sitting on my laptop that seemed perfect for icons, so I simply had to whip some up.


Gotta love storyboards. I love the very free-form style the artists used with the storyboards. And they made all the characters look vastly more adorable. Next update should be a different movie, just for variety’s sake.

  • Pixar Boom! :smiley:

Nice FN collection!

I like the group shot in 2nd row, 3rd column from left.

I also like 3rd row, 5th column from left of a surprised Nemo and Marlin (his eyes look like saucer-plates! :laughing:)

Does anyone know who draws the ‘pastel crayon’ storyboards in avatars 1st row 1st column, 1st row, 4th column, 3rd row 1st column, 3rd row 2nd column and 3rd row 5th column? It looks like it’s the same artist, and I like his/her style. :smiley:

Love your avatars! Keep up the wonderful work! :smiley:

Great batch! I especially like the “We’ll make it through” one because Dory really does carry that kind of hope around with her, and the “Oops!” one and “My bubbles”. They’re all so lovable shots!

The “We’ll make it through” stood out for me. That gave me the “Awwwwwww!” factor. Some fonts really do compliment the image, love some of the captions too.Thanks for sharing Castoro Chiaro - they’re great!

I love the finding Nemo ones. All of them have such beautiful colors and look cute at the same time.

Wow, look at all those! I love the pastel concept art Nemo ones and I really like the animated Give Me the Plant one!

I love them ALL!!!

Wow! You must have put a lot of work into these. Nice job! [/list]

I love the avatars of Finding Nemo and Wall-e thanks for them