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Gyahhh. :frowning: I’ve soooooo been slacking on this thread. Sorry, guys.

Anyhoo, StarSwordsman, I took a look at that 7 minute Incredibles vid or yours a while back, and I have to say I’m really impressed. I loved how each character/group had their own little spot in there. The end was my favorite part - you kept the editing quick and with good timing. I think it’s the best one of yours I’ve seen. :smiley: Nice job!

CGI: Awww, thank you for your complements. I wish to see more of your stuff dude.

More!! :smiley:

Title: Ratatouille - “Where the Dream Takes You”
Song: “Where the Dream Takes You” by Mya
Description: Yay!! 'Tis the next vid in my Ratatouille kick! I was watching Atlantis: The Lost Empire one day and during the credits I realized I had never listened to the song that was playing. Wouldn’t ya know it, it led to another MV. This song suited Remy so well it had to be done, and here it is. I’m rather proud of this one. :slight_smile:
I own neither the song or the movie, Pixar & Disney own Ratatouille and Mya owns the song.

Title: Linguini & Colette - “Tell Me Lies”
Song: “Tell Me Lies” by Natalie Cole
Description: Okay, when I first saw the movie, I wasn’t that big of a fan of the Linguini/Colette pairing. I’m slowly beginning to like it, though, and I was watching Cats Don’t Dance the other day when I again heard this song and the idea for this vid bit my brain.
The song is an old favorite of mine sung by Natalie Cole for Warner Bros./Turner Feature’s truly underrated movie “Cat’s Don’t Dance”. The song seemed like such a suitable “Colette’s POV” tune for the part right after she finds out Linguini’s been consorting with Remy the whole time and she runs out of the restaraunt. I also thought that the background blues/jazz music of the song sounded a LOT like something Michael Giacchino would compose. This music still just gives me spine-shivers. :slight_smile:
Also, anyone who remembers seeing the actual scene of this song from “Cats Don’t Dance” may recognize that I took a lead from the scene on the short “flashback” sequence towards the end of the video. I really liked how that was used in the official video of the song, so I thought I’d try to do something like it. :wink:
Okay, two more little things and I’ll shut up. One, the only track of the song I could find off the bat is a recording direct from its parent movie, so you’ll hear some oddly placed sound effects throughout it. Sorry. ^^;; Second, I actually made a version of this MV with the French track of the song over it, and I think it sounded REALLY cool. :smiley: If enough people are curious about it, I may think to put it up.

Title: Cars - “Little Wonders”
Song: “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas
Description: Time for another vid to both a song and a movie that almost made the editor cry…eheheheh. So yeah, this Rob Thomas song nearly DID make me cry when I saw it at the end of Meet the Robinsons. It’s even flown over “Feels Like Today” on my most played iTunes song. O__O

Amazing, amazing, amazing videos there dude. I can’t decide which one I love more because they are all great. What I especially love the most is the song selection. Nice work dude. Keep it up.

Title: Cars - “Step Up” Trailer Spoof
Description: Okay, well, I saw somebody else’s “dubbed spinoff” of the trailer for “Step Up” to another movie and I wanted to give a hand at making a trailer spoof. I think I did rather well on this one. It was actually pretty fun to make. :smiley:
And yes, around 0:20, I did edit out one particular word. I do not like the word, I prefer it not to be in my videos, so I took it out.
Cars belongs to Disney & Pixar and the audio is pulled from the “Step Up” trailer and belongs to Touchstone Pictures and Summit Entertainment
Link: [url]- YouTube

Title: Ratatouille - “Part of Your World” Music Video
Song: “Part of Your World” by Sierra Boggess
Description: Created by request. For future references, I doubt I’ll be taking video requests - this was really my first and I thought I’d give it a try. I admit this was kinda hard to do, but it was fun all the same. I used the Broadway version of this song performed by Sierra Boggess, because I think she puts a whole lot more guts into the final verses than Jodi Benson did. Now, thanks to this version of the song, I’m hooked on TLM on Broadway. :slight_smile:
I do not own the song or the footage - the song belongs to Disney and the footage belongs to Disney/Pixar
Link: [url]- YouTube

BTW, I owe a big thanks to those who watch and rate and comment on these. Thank you!

WOW!! I am inpressed!!
The Cars/Step Up one was perfeclty synched, if I didn’t know better, I’d think those where the real voices.
Great job!!

oh cool! I didnt realize you had posted some new vids! I’ll have to check em out!

One new one that I have to say I’m proud of. :smiley:

Title: Ratatouille - “Defying Gravity” Music Video
Song: “Defying Gravity” by Idina Menzel & Kristen Chenoweth
Description: I should say first and foremost that this song is the only thing I really know about “Wicked”. The story of the play itself just never really appealed to me, but I heard this song in someone else’s video and fell in love with it. This video nearly WORE ME OUT. It got increasingly difficult to find the ideal clips to put to a song written for a Wizard of Oz thing. The speaking parts were the hardest to work around… And I’m still a little perturbed there are all girls singing for all guy parts… But in the end, I like the way this one turned out and I’m frankly proud of it. So this one goes to all the underdog dreamers out there, just like Remy. :wink:
I DON’T OWN THE MOVIE OR THE FOOTAGE. Rataouille belongs to Disney & Pixar and the song belongs to the Broadway musical “Wicked” and lyricist Stephen Schwartz
Link: [url]- YouTube
One new one. :smiley:

I watched the Cars ones anyway! The Step Up one was done really well, I love the way you got the voices to go along with what was happening.

Hey CGI, I have to telly ya I am really impressed. I really like those videos you made. Keep it up.

CGI Clownfish - Wow. I love that “Ratatouille - ‘Where the Dream Takes You’” music video – it was most inspiring and utterly pleasant to watch. As for your Step Up trailer spoof: Absolutely hilarious. You managed to lip-synch the Cars characters’ words/phrases to the dialogue in the trailer quite well, which results in a fairly smooth, entertaining, and convincing video.

Great work! Keep it up! :wink:

– Mitch

CGI, just a question. Do you plan on making any TI vids in the near future? I do believe you can pull off an amazing TI MV.

Hmm, I’m not quite sure yet… I make a vid whenever the inspiration hits me, and I haven’t had any strong “incredible” ideas thus far…

Title: Finding Nemo - “POTC: At World’s End” Trailer Spoof
Description: MWAH-HA-HA, SPOOFAGE!!! Okay, I have to say I am very proud of the way this one turned out. In this version, it’s the Tank Gang that goes on a search for Marlin at Sea’s End! And yes, I know it probably would’ve been easier to have Nemo being the one everyone’s searching for, but I REALLY wanted to see Marlin as Captain Jack Sparrow. And Nigel as Barbossa…(You have to admit there’s no other option for that. ;D ) The only thing in this vid I’m not too happy about is the titles at the end. And sorry about the watermark - ya can’t be too careful, ya know. :wink:
Captain Jack Sparrow/Will Turner - Marlin
Elizabeth Swan - Dory
Captain Barbossa - Nigel
Norrington/Beckett - Gill
Captain Sao-Feng - Crush
The Crew - The “Other Dads” and the Tank Gang

I am sooooooo proud of this one. :smiley:

Pirates of the Pacific…” Ha-ha!

Awesome video, CGI Clownfish! I was chuckling quite a bit throughout the entire thing… :laughing:

– Mitch

Dude, awesome video CGI. Saw it twice in a row.

Yeah I just watched the vid and I thought it was really neat how you characterized them.

ok, ill say it. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE ULTIMATEDISNEYGEEKS VIDEOS! she has to be my favorite person on youtube. i check her page every week. i love youtube. here is my list of the best animation videos on it (they are in no particular order) :

[url]- YouTube

Doc Fan Video - “I’m Still Here”- ULTIMATEDISNEYGEEK! i love this video, i think it was an amazing song choice.

[url]"Drops of Jupiter" ~ Delbert/Amelia - YouTube

“Drops of Jupiter” ~ Delbert/Amelia- ok, i know its not pixar. this is the best animation videos in general. i love pretty much all animated couples (except the really creepy ones), and i think the song is phenomenal. It also really goes with the theme of the movie.

[url]Sally Never had a dream come true - YouTube

Sally Never had a dream come true- back to pixar. my favorite lightning/sally video (except for maybe the miss independent vid)

[url]- YouTube

Finding Nemo - “POTC: At World’s End” Trailer Spoof- ULTIMATEDISNEYGEEK! usually i dont like spoof trailers, but this one just knocked my socks off! i think the lip-syncing is great.

[url]- YouTube

Cars - “Feels Like Today” Music Video- ULTIMATEDISNEYGEEK! man, this video is beautiful. almost made me cry the first time i saw it. i think this was the first video of hers i saw. the timing is awesome, and the song choice is even better.

Yeah,I made that one. :wink:

I am surprised that none of my stuff ain’t on that list. :stuck_out_tongue: JK! THose are all really good vids.

Thanks for the comments, guys. :smiley: And I just watched that “Drops of Jupiter” one for the first time; FONY did a great job with that one. :slight_smile:

Okay, new trailer spoof. :wink: LightningandSally, I think you will fully enjoy this one.

Title: Cars - “A Walk to Remember” Trailer Spoof
Description: DUDE, it would be flat AWESOME if they actually made this one. I don’t care what RottenTomatoes or IGN or any of the critics say about it, A Walk to Remember is one of the sweetest love stories I’ve ever seen. Yes, it is a bit sad in the end, but everything ties up so beautifully.
Anyhoo, this is another movie that I thought worked with the Cars characters. It’s somewhat of a similar synopsis to the Cars/Step Up Trailer, but this one definitely has more emotion, sincerity, and sweetness to it. Enjoy!!
EDIT: I just realized the synch of the vid with the audio is slightly off… Sorry. :frowning:
Link: [url]- YouTube