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Okay, well, I guess a good way to introduce myself would be to show my love for Pixar production and show some of my own edited videos. :slight_smile: I only have ones for Cars and Finding Nemo - I actually used to have a lot more Cars ones, but they got knocked down by YouTube. Anyhoo, the videos are listed by post date (the ones at the top being the older ones and the ones at the bottom being the newer). I hope you guys will please review and comment and, if you’re interested, check out my other MVs. I hope I make a worthy addition to the board! :wink: More vids to come!

Be warned - There are 8 Nemo videos here and only 2 Cars ones. :laughing: I’m trying to lay off on the Nemo ones finally, though.


Title: Tribute to John Lasseter
Song: "A Bug’s Life Suite by Randy Newman
Description: This is another tribute slideshow, this one is to my personal hero John Lasseter. JL has only directed four movies so far, but he has always known the most important parts of a great and successful movie, and he has especially inspired me in all aspects of my storywriting, and I can tell it’s paid off. If I met John Lasseter one day, I think I’d seriously break out in tears. I even have a silver lamp in my room I’ve named Luxo, and he resembles his namesake from JL’s acclaimed short “Luxo Jr.”
Link: [url]- YouTube

Title: Finding Nemo - “Here I Am”
Song: “Here I Am” by Bryan Adams
Description: This song reminded me of Nemo - it has to be the best song celebrating youth that I’ve ever heard.
Link: [url]- YouTube

Title: Marlin & Dory - “My Funny Friend and Me”
Song: “My Funny Friend and Me” by The Countdown Singers
Description: THIS IS NOT STING. I couldn’t get my hands on the Sting version of the song, as that is originally who sings it, but I could only find on iTunes the version by The Countdown Singers. Anyhoo, I heard this song and thought it was just so cute for Marlin and Dory. The song isn’t specifically aimed from one to the other, it kinda goes back and forth as you’ll notice. But I really don’t know what they’d do without each other.
Link: [url]- YouTube

Title: Marlin & Nemo - “This Will Be Our Year”
Song: “This Will Be Our Year” by O.K. Go
Description: I’m such a sucker for father/son bonds, and the one between Marlin and Nemo is probably the cutest I’ve seen. I finally found the perfect song for their renewed bond at the end of the movie. The song is by O.K. Go, who are best known for their dancing on treadmills in their music video for “Here It Goes Again”.
Link: [url]- YouTube

Title: Doc Fan Video - “I’m Still Here”
Song: “I’m Still Here” by John Rzeznik
Description: I just LOVE Doc (I’ve named my computer after him…). This is the second video to this song I’ve posted, but I just felt it was a great theme for him. Not a lot of people ever believed in him and he was rather rudely driven away from racing after he crashed. In Radiator Springs, nobody ever saw his abilities before a certain point, but even after everything he’s been through, he’s still there. GO DOC!!!
Link: [url]- YouTube

Title: Finding Nemo - “Stay With You”
Song: “Stay With You” by The Goo Goo Dolls
Description: I wasn’t sure if this would work at first, but the idea stuck with me and once I started working on it, it just got better. :slight_smile: I think this song nicely embodies the friendship aspect of the movie, such as Marlin & Dory sticking together, the tank gang looking out for Nemo, and also the bigger picture of Marlin destined to get back to Nemo.
Link: [url]- YouTube

Title: Marlin Tries to Woo Dory with the “Elephant Love Medley”
Song: “Elephant Love Medley” by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman
Description: This is entirely different from any other video I’ve done. Be nice, as it is just a first attempt at this kind of thing. I saw somebody’s similar video, using another movie to the same song and making the characters look like they were singing the song. I know a lotta Finding Nemo fans out there are big Marlin/Dory shippers. I could handle that; I think it’s actually cute! But I thought it would be especially funny to flip roles in this vid - what I mean by that is this: In the song, it’s the girl who’s apprehensive and the guy that’s urging her to take her chances. As we all know, it’s the exact opposite with Marlin and Dory. This presented a fun challenge for me to make it look like Marlin was the carefree one trying to woo uncertain Dory. Not to mention is was funny to hear Ewan McGregor provided the voice for an originally voiced Albert Brooks character, LOL. Enjoy!!
Link: [url]- YouTube

Title: Marlin & Nemo - “Somewhere Out There”
Song: “Somewhere Out There” by James Ingram and Linda Ronstadt
Description: Don’t know why anyone’s thought of this, I think it fits wonderfully!! James Ingram vocalizes for Marlin, and Linda Ronstadt vocalizes for Nemo. About that, it seemed like the proper order for it, and I have to admit I’ve gotten kinda used to a grown woman speaking for Nemo since listening to the soundtrack for the Finding Nemo Musical so much, LOL.
Link: [url]- YouTube

Title: Finding Nemo - “Peace Of Me”
Song: “Peace of Me” by Natasha Bedingfield
Description: This is actually the first Finding Nemo vid I made out of all the ones you’ve seen on my account. I had some editing difficulties on it, but I think it’s a nice “from Marlin to Dory” song. Even though it’s sung by a woman, the lyrics just fit Marlin perfectly. Enjoy! :slight_smile:
Link: [url]- YouTube

Title: Finding Nemo - “There Is Life”
Song: “There Is Life” by Alison Krauss
Description: As if I didn’t make enough Finding Nemo MVs already… Anyhoo, this is more of an experimental video than anything. It partially came from my personal love of the ocean and that it kinda fits the message of the song. On the surface, it’s pretty much a big, blue sheet - but the surface hides the scene of teeming life beneath it. It was kinda hard to work with lyrics that were clearly “land-descriptive” but I think it still works. It’s also a good segment (like in Bambi 2 with Bambi’s mother’s death) to go right after Coral’s death.
Link: [url]- YouTube

Title: Cars - “Me and My Gang”
Song: “Me and My Gang” by Rascal Flatts
Description: I made this a long while back, actually right before all my other Cars videos got wiped out. So, although this is old, it’s hopefully still fun. :slight_smile: Seeing as how this song was released not long after Cars was, I’m pretty sure Rascal Flatts’ experience on the movie inspired them to write this song.
Link: [url]- YouTube

Dude, first off, Welcome to Pixar Planet. I didn’t recognize it at first, but boy I remember your youtube account name. Second, you have come to the right place. I hope you find friends, family, and a fun time here. Third, your music videos are absolutely incredible! These are truely, 100% perfect in my eyes. You are so creative. You are great with music video making. My standing ovation to you. Excellent work. I can’t wait to see more from ya.

Yeah I totally know who you are I love how you make your Mv’s are you going to make more cars ones?By the way my Youtube account name is Sallyporsche. :slight_smile:

Aww, thanks for the welcome and compliments, guys! :slight_smile: And I do plan to do a lot more exploring and messaging on the board and get an avatar and all, but it has been crazy getting ready for Christmas and all. But I’m psyched to be here all the same - I’m determined to be an official Pixarian some day. :wink:

And I am currently working on a few more vids - I’m recreating one of my Cars vids that got wiped out by YouTube and just yesterday I had an idea for a Monsters Inc. one. Hope I can keep crankin’ these guys out, LOL.

…and I’m Vexillographer on YouTube. LOL Welcome to Pixar Planet!

Will you make am Incredibles Music video CGI Clownfish?

Well the only one I watched so far was the Doc one (of course I pick that one out). And I really really enjoyed it! The song fit Doc and the pictures fit the song and it really went together well. I’ll be watching more of yours when I get the chance.

Glad you guys love 'em. :slight_smile: And to answer your question, Star Swordsman, I’m not sure. The Incredibles didn’t strike me the same way the other Pixar stuff does. But who knows, I might get the inspiration to at some point. I get inspiration to made videos of some movies I hardly watch.

And I have a new video!! Check it out. :slight_smile:

Title: Cars - “Feels Like Today”
Song: “Feels Like Today” by Rascal Flatts
Description: This had been one of the videos I posted July '06 that got deleted not long after. I honestly missed it, though, so I deided to make a new and improved version. Cars is the Pixar movie that is the most touching to me that discusses some really powerful and personal issues. This song is one of my favorites in the world (Rascal Flatts is hard to beat; plus the song has been my top played on iTunes for quite a long qhile). One day listening to the song, my mental lightbulb went on and I thought “This is exactly what Lightning learns during the movie!” So, I had to make this video.
The song covers two lessons that I quickly related to the movie. First of all it talks about redemption and changing your life for the better, or rather just get off your butt and live your life. Second, it talks about considering the kind of person you are and if it’s really who you want to be. Decide who you want to be and be that person because your life is happening NOW and it’s not going to wait for you to make up your mind.
It’s just such a fitting song, I had to make the video. :slight_smile: And it was fun. I saw the first verse talking about Lightning’s general view on Radiator Springs and his relationship with Sally, and the second verse talking about him kinda relating to Doc. So that’s my little rant. :wink:
Link: [url]- YouTube

That was really good :slight_smile:

Excellent work CGI Clownfish! I was impressed. You sure are incredible at making MVs. Keep it up!

Well I was coming back to watch another (i really wanna look at those Nemo ones and the other Cars ones) but I watched your new Cars one instead :slight_smile: I really liked it! You do a good job of pairing up what the song is saying with the images.

Are you working on another one CGI Clownfish? And what is it about?

Honestly, I’ve got about eight in production/pre-production, six of them Pixar. :open_mouth: I’ve got a lotta work ahead of me. Out of the five, I have two Cars ones, an Incredibles one, a Ratatouille one, an all-Pixar one, and possibly a Monsters Inc. one. Hopefully they’ll all work out - I have a bad habit of dropping unfinished projects. :blush:

Well I watched almost all the others and I enjoyed them very much. I’ll be eager to see what else you come up with!

New one! This one’s a Ratatouille vid. :wink:

[url]- YouTube

BTW, Star Swordsman, what’s your YouTube name?

Here is a link to my profile CGI Clownfish!


I saw that a few hours ago, it was great!

Okay, Star Swordsman, it’s been really hard to find a time and place to get on, but I took a look at your last two vids. You’re doing excellent! :slight_smile:

Really the only tips I have for you are your transitioning and editing in the characters talking. Smooth out your transitions a bit - fades are usually the best, but you can get away without them if the song you’re using is upbeat and/or fast-paced. The second thing is with the voice clips. If you do have voices in the course of your vids, it’s best to do them when there’s an instrumental break. If viewers are watching the vid and listening to the song and the singing is suddenly overlapped by voice clips, it distracts and the vid doesn’t run as smoothly.

Also remember to try and keep the emotion and speed of the clip and the song fairly similar - the fast-motion/slow-motion effect is a Godsend in this case. :wink: Keep working at it, though, you’re doing awesome!

In other news, I got a new Ratatouille one…already. :open_mouth:

[url]- YouTube

I thihnk I understand your tips CGI. But remember that my latest one was used for a project. I had the voice overpower the song just abit because the lines said were a crucial part in my project. But I’ll remember next time.

I would reccomend you watching my best one, the 7 minute one on my profile if at all possible.

Cool! I havent been around much lately and didnt catch this yet. I’ll have to watch it when I get the chance.