Character Discussion: Bomb Voyage

I want a Bomb Voyage cameo on Cars 2, see him in France again,just wishing

In car form perhaps

That would be cool to see him in Car form. :wink: Not a bad idea.

Question: How would a car mime? :slight_smile:

Answer: By parking itself in a garage like a mime puts himself in a box, or by tugging on something heavy. (In the cars case, towing something heavy)

I thought Bon Voyage was a great character. I love it when he says (in French) “your outfit is totally ridiculous!”

That’s one of my favorite lines from him.

I like the entire time he’s mocking Buddy. 8D

He’s not really teasing him. He’s just disgusted by his outfit.

Bowser from the Mario series, he has plenty of bom-ombs he could give him, except these 1 are made for breaking into banks and don’t walk before exploding they explode on impact.