Character Discussion: Bomb Voyage

Upon repeated viewings, I’m starting to realize that the best characters in The Incredibles are the ones that are only onscreen for a few moments. Bomb Voyage is the first villain we see, so it’s important that he makes an impact and he certainly does. It was an inspired choice to pattern him after a mime, because (except for a select few) mimes are not scary to most people. So, who else loves Bomb Voyage?

Made me laugh the first time I saw him, very clever. Apparently He was originally going to be called Bomb Perignon, but they couldn’t get the okay from the champaign company. Oh and he is briefly in Ratatouille… as a mime :slight_smile:

I love Bomb Voyage. His character was so cheezy, but Brad Bird and everyone at Pixar found a way to make it work. He was really a fun character to watch.

I like the quirky little characters like Bomb myself. In fact, dare I say, I think he’s better than some of the main cast. o_0

Oh, that’s an interesting statement. Which characters are you talking about? I’m going to take a stab and say either Violet, Dash, or Frozone.

I like Dash and Frozone pretty well. Especially Dash. :mrgreen: I’ll admit that Vi annoys me, though. I mainly meant Mirage and Mr. Hugh(though he’s intentionally annoying, I suppose.) Like, I think all of them were necessary for the story, and I try not to have really strong negative feelings toward fictional characters. They just personally bug me for some reason.I like everyone in the family more than BV, but I like him better than some others.

I wonder how many bombs does Monsueir Voyage?

I give props to Bomb Voyage for just having an awesome name!

Oh man. Bomb Voyage is, like, my second-favorite villain in the entire movie.

Which places him above Baron Von Ruthless and Mirage. Mr. Huph can go into this category too…

In all seriousness though he’s pretty awesome. His name is just hilarious.

I sometimes wonder who supplies him with his arsenal of bombs.

I agree; he’s way better than Mirage. 8D

Better than Mirage? Really? Hmm, I understand that he was a much more funnier character than Mirage. :unamused:

I know it’s bad that I dislike her. And I’m getting to the point where I can just accept her for what she is. But I personally hate femme fatales, and she’s a personal least favorite. Bomb, however, is a clever but vague villain, so he can be who/whatever we like!! She’s very vague, too, but I just…don’t like her. I share Arkie’s sentiments on Mirage. :neutral_face:

Mirage may have done some unforgivable things, but that doesn’t take away the fact that she was more dramaticly powerful than Monsieur Voyage.

I think one reason I like Mirage so much is that she started out on the bad side and changed. She’s a good person, just she probably made bad choices and ended up with Syndrome.

Okay, fine. She’s a good character, and serves her purpose. I just don’t like her. The end. I understand that she was supposed to fill a certain niche, and she did. I just do not like her, and that isn’t going to change with arguing or defending her or explaining her purpose.

Anyway, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a mime-car in Paris in Cars 2?

Anyhitng can happen. Bomb Voyage was in Ratatouille. Maybe in a nother Brad Bird Pixar fil, he can mke a comeback.

So, I was re-watching rhe film last night and the bomb that Syndrome throws into the water after Bob is very similar to Bomb Voyage’s bombs from the beginning. So, do you think maybe BV and Syndrome worked together at some point?

Good observation. I see what you mean by it looking similar. The light beeps faster the closer it is to detonation. But the designs are completely different, and fifteen years apart. I doubt that BV and Syndrome worked together, but it is a good thought.

The way I imagined Bomb Voyage, he’s an international French criminal much like Le Chiffre from Casino Royale. Except the latter is a private banker who funds terrorist activities and ‘short-sells’ on enterprises which his clients sabotage.

Maybe more like Owen Davian from Mission Impossible 3. Voyage deals in arms and explosives, but also takes part in armed robbery and crimes-against-fashion.

I actually wrote him into a cold open of a bank heist in a long-gestating Incredibles fanfic I’ve been planning. And he is actually the secondary villain who will lead Mr Incredible to the main one. :slight_smile: