Character Discussion: Mrs. Hogenson

I find Ms. Hogenson to be a very underrated character. I love her design and the way that her brief inclusion offers a scary reminder about the reality of what the elderly face in obtaining life insurance. I just hope that the advice that Bob gave her made things a little easier. Thoughts on Mrs. Hogenson?

When someone mentions Hogensen, I instantly think that she looks like the old woman with the cat in the Glory Days. But I thikn Hogensen looks like a sweet character.

I quite like her too. I feel so sorry for her. It IS something that happens in real life and when she starts crying I really want to comfort her.

It was nice of Bob to help her out though he got into trouble for doing similar things earlier.

No good deed goes unpunished I guess. :confused:

Poor little woman, I feel bad for her! But I like her.

The sad part of her is that stuff like that happens all the time. That almost makes me cry…

Anyway, I like her. She’s like an awesome, under-appreciated grandmother. I think it’s hilarious when she calls Bob young man, though. He is a young man to her, but…that’s rich. :laughing:

I felt bad for her, even though she’d only been onscreen for a few seconds. It was a good way of showing how Bob is better suited to hero work.

I kind of felt sympathetic towards her even if her appearance seemed more… comical, you could say. And I’ve always thought she could be the lady with the cat caught in the tree near the beginning. But I think the time skip might be too big for that… maybe.

Leirin, I think she is her. Her hair goes from btunette to silver, nd it seems very possible to me.

To be honest, she’s the sort of person I’d always imagine to linger around an insurance office. :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s definitely under-rated… I could come up with some witty, deep comparison of her being an analogy of the helplessness of civilians post-Glory Days… but, I’d bore you all to death. :laughing:

I agree that Mrs. Hogensen is definitely a reminder of the reality of many of today’s problems, including health care, social security, medicare, and the evolving world of the elderly.

She is a great character in The Incredibles and I really believe her one scene is one of the most memorable in the film.

Perhaps the realism is what makes it so memorable.

It may even be safe to say that despite its fantastic elements, The Incredibles, in very many ways, is Pixar’s most realistic film.

That does make sense WheezysBestBud. The movie does feature a very realistic relationship, as well as Mrs. Hogensen’s predictament. And there are people out there who have jerk bosses as well.

This completely makes sense!! Every time I watch it, I totally forget it’s a movie.

Which makes me wonder if Bob recognized her or not.