Character Discussion: Nigel

I posted the majority of what I’m about to say in another post, but I’ve since deleted that post and moved it here. So anyway, I really love Nigel the Pelican and consider him to be a very underrated character. I love how he can make friends with anybody, even if it may not be socially acceptable, and how he’s always the voice of reason, even when he’s surrounded by his less intelligent fellow pelicans. And also, if you think about it, he’s Nemo and Marlin’s number one ally in the quest to get them back together. No other character (with the possible exception of Crush) went as out of their way to reunite father and son as Nigel did. And I love Geoffery Rush’s heartfelt and earnest vocal delivery. Rush is one of my favorite actors, and including him in FN was a nice balance to the crazier, more comedic roles I’ve seen him in. So, who else loves Nigel?

I agree, WheezysBestBud! He is a very underrated character and yet he does so much for the main characters’ journeys and plights. I also love how he’s such a gossip. :laughing:

I remember liking Nigel when I first watched Nemo in theatres too. It was ironic that as a pelican, he was the closest thing the Tank Gang had to a friend from the “outside”. And like you guys mentioned, he was one of the instrumental characters in Marlin’s quest to find Nemo.
Does help that Geoffrey Rush voiced him excellently with that broad accent. And the fact that he has a couple of the ‘best lines’ from the movie (“Rats with Wings”, “Hop in my mouth if you want to live” and “Love a duck!”). 8D

Well stated WheezysBestBud! In fact I’m not sure what else I could add to it except to say that I agree. Plus you pointed out a couple things that I never consciously noticed before.

Another “Yay, Nigel!” vote here - I picked him as my fave from Nemo in the “Who’s Your Favorite From Each Film” thread. Geoffrey Rush does a great job and gives him so much heart - I love the scene where he’s telling the story of Marlin battling half the ocean to find Nemo, and his banter with Peach about the root canal, and the “rats with wings” line, but I think my favorite Nigel scene is when he has to convince Marlin that he really does know Nemo and wants to help (not eat) him. He’s definitely the kind of friend you’d want to have when you’re staring down a pack of hungry seagulls! :wink:

I like Nigel too, he’s a fantastic character. I think he shouldn’t have been a brown pelican though…they aren’t found in Australia. I guess it’s only a trivial detail though. :laughing:

Just wondering, do you think he ever found out that Nemo was still alive? It’d be rather sad if he still thought that Nemo was dead and Marlin grieving, since he played such an important part in Marlin’s journey to rescue his son.

That scene in particular had me tearing when I first saw it in cinemas. It was so touching!

I suppose the Tank Gang would’ve told him at some point that Nemo managed to escape down the dentist’s sink, and knowing the way how gossip spreads through the ocean, he would’ve found out sooner or later. :slight_smile:

Nigel is my favorite character in Finding Nemo actually. I don’t quite know, it might be because he’s a pelican, or because he’s funny. Or maybe because he’s voiced by Geoffrey Rush. I don’t know, I just think he’s awesome!

He’s possibly the most charismatic character next to Dory, the embodiment of the friendly Aussie, albeit in bird form! xD

I just love how willing and daring Nigel is to just fly on into the dentist’s office like that.

I just rewatched that scene and I noticed how cavalier P. Sherman acts about a pelican flying around his office. Most adults I know would have a much bigger reaction.

WheezysBestBud: I think that it happens so much, that P. Sherman is use to it and acts like it’s something that happens to everyone. But I agree, if a Pelican kept trying to enter my office, I’d have a much bigger reacting. Like setting up a net or inventing Pelican repellent or whatever.

8D :laugh: :laughing:

I love Nigel. I love how much he helped Marlin get to Nemo. He has some great lines, my favourite line is “Sorry if I ever took a snap at you. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat.”

Haha, yeah that’s an awesome line. Also, another reason he’s great is because he’s voiced by Geoffrey Rush.

Nigel is a great character! I just love how he and the Tank Gang discuss dentist news. There aren’t many so funny, kind and unselfish supporting characters at the same time like him.

I agree.