Check this out.

A grandfather and his two grandchildren build Lightning McQueen from an ordinary car. … re=related

Haha, I loved that! I guess they did Fillmore, too, but I didn’t see that one. I’ll have to check it out later :wink:

They did some nice work. Thanks for the video link, Candy!

now that is what I call hard work and determination! I mean, that is so cool dude. Nice video.

Wow. My god. A budget manner of creating Lightning Mcqueen using cardboard, markers, and cheap video effects. Don’t get me wrong, cheap video effects do have their benefits. And slap it with a “Wasn’t that easy?” sarcastic remark and you get a cool video filled with fandom-cream and Pixar-crustiness. Sweet. :smiley:

Not my fault, dude. :neutral_face:

Not bad. That was nice to see how they took ordinary material and turned the car into something fun.

Hey, that was pretty nice, it must’ve been a lot of work! But it was sure worth it.

What fun!

I watched the Fillmore one and that was really cool to see! I love how accurate they were and how much attention was paid to detail. Too bad it’s not really drivable though…