Clara (2017 Animated movie)

This looks like an intriguing film.
They haven’t said much about the plot yet, but the teaser trailers look interesting enough for me to want to see it when it comes out.
It’s fascinating that it seems Clara is completely amnesiac, she doesn’t remember who she is or even what she is, if she’s human or a fairy.
It might be this is so we go on the journey of discovery with her, everything new to us is also new to her.

I smiled when the monkeys have this giant banana and try to keep it away from Clara, she just waits until the tree it is attached to snaps the banana out of reach.
And judging from her smirking, she knew it was going to happen!

I am also amused by the pun she makes about her name, “let’s Clarify”.
That name could be difficult to joke about.

And please, no spoilers about the plot, I want to be surprised by the twists when I eventually get to see it.

It’s nice to see that Ukraine is entering into the CGI animation feature film industry.

Unfortunately, the only negative so far is that I don’t know when or where this movie will be released.
I am hoping for a theatrical release, as it would be so much better to see it on the big screen for the first time instead of a direct-to-dvd/digital media release.

Never heard of that…bit I don’t believe this information to be actual. If I have not yet seen ads of this come up on the Internet, chances are I’m only partially right. And, if it is actually happening, chamces are I will have no interest in seeing it whatsoever. Even if it is eventually released to the US.

Image Pictures Youtube Channel:
It contains a full length trailer and a short promotional clip.

It seems a lot of effort to go to making these videos if it wasn’t a serious production.
I assume CGI animation does require a lot of processing power, it’s not exactly something I’d expect a home user to be able to.