Clips from a Blu-Ray?

HI, I’m new around here and was just wondering if I could rip a Blu-Ray and use the clips in a Youtube video?

You see, I want to start making videos like you guys here and I’ve never done anything like this before so I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing. If this topic isn’t allowed for whatever reason sorry as I say I’m new to this gig.

You would have to have a Bluray compatible disc drive on your computer. Most don’t. From there, I guess you’d have to find a Bluray ripping program. I’m sure they’re out there but I’ve never looked them up.

Yeah, my laptop can play Blu-Rays. But if I ripped the clips then it wouldn’t affect anything on my Blu-Ray? E.g, I could still watch my Blu-ray as normal?

Yeah, it’d be fine. I’m pretty sure they lock them so you can’t screw with any of the data.

Does anyone know about Bluray copy protection that might prevent you from ripping it normally?

I encountered this problem almost 2 years ago, when trying to get frames off of my Blu-ray copy of WALL-E. I did every search in the book to see if I could find a free Blu-ray ripper, but couldn’t turn up anything. We downloaded every sort of copywright protection freeware we could find (to bypass copywright protection… normally a program won’t let you rip a DVD or anything like that if it’s protected). Nothing seemed to work. So unless something’s come out since I’ve tried that will work, I’m not aware of it. I just know I’ve had the worst luck trying to rip, or even just screencap, from a Blu-ray disc.

I even tried simply taking a snapshot of my screen and dragging the image into something like Paint, but it would end up as a black picture file. Again, with the copywright protection, it’s really hard to do anything with these discs. :confused:

Sorry I couldn’t be much help. I hope you find a solution to this, and I’ll lay down any new information I find. :slight_smile:

little chef

The program DVDFab can rip pretty much anything, and the program tsmuxer can mux things into a m2ts file. You need to know what playlist contains the movie for tsmuxer, because you choose which playlist you want it to mux (aka what stuff to rip into a video)