CMB's logo design

Well, here is a logo i put together on Photoshop for a local recording studio. Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

It may look a little pixaly because it is a very large image, scaled down a bit.

Oooo, this is right down my alley! I like the simplicity of it, and I defintely like the colors. The only thing is maybe I’d change the G a little to take the shape of the guitar a little more, but I dont know how i’d do that. But really on the whole it looks good.

That’s really good! Nice work! I agree with lennonluvr that the G should probably take more shape of the guitar. But besides that it is nice and neat! Great logo!

Cool! Nice bold colors and simplistic design! I like it!

A very nice design! I wish more logos looked as attractive as this one does. The colours work well, and I like the font of the writing.

Thanks everyone, this is one of the newest designs i came up with, and i also really like it. I kept it simple, and didnt have to put too much thought into this one. :slight_smile:

That’s the my kind of logo.

I just wonder, why men likes to carry automatic knife laws.