Well. It’s March. College notification month. Who else is expecting to hear back from colleges they’ve applied to?

I’ve heard back from five colleges, and gotten into all five of them. I’ve been offered scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $14,000 per year for three of them. I’m still waiting on about 15 more colleges though, including my top choices.

How goes your college adventure?

Well back in the day when I was but a fresh faced lass (circa 2002) I applied to but one college. And one faithful day it was bestowed upon me a letter of confirmation that I should join the ranks of the mighty Spartan empire and…ahh…you know what. I can’t keep that up. :laughing:

Back in the day I applied to one college in my state, Michigan State. Since it was in Michigan I never needed to take the SAT, which was awesome sauce. I got accepted there and was attended for 5 years, graduating with a bachelors in studio arts.

In 2007 I applied to the College of Creative Studies. I’m an animation student there and like all animation students I live a futile existence, getting by on energy drinks and pencil shavings. (The more veteran members of this forum are already familiar with my random laments and lengthy disappearances.) And that’s my story. With all luck I’ll be starting on my senior film - or at least part of it - over the summer and graduated a year from this coming december.

I guess to answer the original post. When I applied to both colleges I was accepted with scholarships.
doesn’t mean I still don’t have a huge student loan payback hanging over my head

Congratulations, SwimChick17! Offers from all five is brilliant! :smiley: But you’ve applied to fifteen others? Wow, that’s a lot of colleges! We’re only allowed to apply to five maximum here.

Haunt- The College of Creative Studies is the coolest name for a uni ever. :laughing: Yeah, even with bursuries and scholarships it seems impossible to get a degree without leaving a trail of debt behind.

Well, technically I was supposed to apply last October for university but I didn’t since I wanted a gap year, and anyway, how is everyone supposed to magically know what grades they’re going to get this summer? I didn’t see any point in applying, getting in some places and then possibly not being able to go because my grades weren’t good enough- or, alternatively, applying to places below my grade range without even realising it.

If I get the grades I’m hoping for, I think I’ll probably apply to universities like Durham, Cardiff, Exeter, Warwick and somewhere else but that’s subject to changing. London universities are not my cup of tea, as the idea of a campus and green spaces seems like a nicer environment to be learning in.

But yeah, guess I have to wait and see. Though to be honest, I want to go to uni now! It’s so boring waiting around for all these exams to be over.

Well, while we are on the subject of college, I am currently in my spring semester of my freshman year of junior college. It is twice as busy as my fall semester.

My college adventure has already gone on waaaaay longer than it should have and still has no end till (hopefully!) May of next year. I should have graduated last year, but for various reasons, I’m very behind.

I just heard back from my first one!
I was accepted.
The tally so far is 1 acceptance out of six!
Congrats to Swimchick!!


Congrats to you sheila. I hope you get accepted to the others you have appiled for. Have you heard from your top choice yet?

The Star Swordsman: No, not yet. But I am the most anxious for that one!

Congratulations, Colette Linguini! It must’ve been so exciting to find out that you’ve got a place! :smiley:

It is, thanks! :smiley:

Congrats! I know how happy I was to receive my first college letter. :slight_smile:

I was in your place last year, but I can’t say I was as pleased with my admission decisions as you were. :laughing: I’m currently attending my safety because, to repeat what I just said, I got a lot of rejections/wait lists, and it’s the most affordable. I might have had a chance at getting into RISD had I sent in my artist statement on time.

The Star Swordsman – I agree about the fall semester (we call it winter here) being busier. Last semester, I was doing just fine, but everything’s chaotic now! Thankfully, I only have six weeks left of school. WOO!

Update!: I’ve just got into another university (my top choice, and with a scholarship!)!

Aaaannndd… I talked to someone at another of my faves and they said they’re 99% sure I’ll be accepted!

So this only leaves one more place to hear back from, and then it’s decision-making time!

I’ve heard back from all my offers and I’ve applied to Manchester and Leeds (in the UK…) Now I’ve just got to get the grades. Aww, that means I’m going to actually have to do some work instead of hanging around Pixar forums : (

Wow, congratulations, Colette Linguini! To get your first choice with a scholarship is great! :smiley:

Is Manchester your firm, Halos Nach Tariff? I’ve heard it’s a great University, and a friend of mine is planning to go to Leeds and she loved it when she visited. Well done on getting your places! :smiley:

Thanks Lizardgirl! Yes Manchester is my firm choice, it’s also the closest city to where I live, which is convenient, and it’s got great facilities. It just means I’ve got to get AAB in my A-levels but never mind, nothing in life is free right?

Halos Nach Tariff- Yeah, there’s the added pressure, but then that might mean that you’ll do even better because you know that if you get the grades you’ve got a great place to go to! :smiley: