Comic Books

Any of you guys like comics? Favorite ongoing issues? Favorite genre, cahracters? Are you a marvel or a dc kind of person?

Finally a comic thread!

I’ve recently got into Batman and I really want to read the Killing Joke. For Marvel, I would say I like Cap and Deadpool (I’m stoked for the movie).

Last summer I read the Nintendo Power comics. I wish they continued with these, they were gold!

Omg the Nintendo Power comics were so great! I really miss that about kid’s magazines, creative stuff like comics and crafts printed on the pages…

I have never read the nintendo power comics before. i’m glad you introduced me to them dude.

I do enjoy Garfield comics, but I will also enjoy Pixar-themed BOOM! comics.

I enjoyed the Pixar Incredibels Boom comics. it was an interesting take on my favorite supers. Wish they finished the series though.

Has anyone read DC’s “New 52” comics. I really want to start reading more into that universe.

I have a little bit. Personally, i enjoy it.

I have a copy of the Disney/Pixar Comic Treasury and inside of it is a WALL-E themed Boom! Comic called “Recharge”.

My favorite comic book series is Fathom.
But it seems to be in a hiatus at the moment, there haven’t been any new issues in months.
Aspen Comics (who publishes it) is a small company and in my opinion, they’ve diversified into so many titles they simply can’t handle the workload anymore.
I wish they’d just stuck to a few franchises and not tried to make many titles.
Apparently they’ve even forgotten about one of their starter titles in the process, there was a teaser issue when they started and nothing since.

I also read the Mass Effect tie-in comics, but they’re also on hiatus.
They might be waiting for the next game in the series to come out before publishing more.

I like Marvel.
But not completely, I disapprove of their fantasy>sci-fi policy.
Basically, Thor and Asgard are used to insert magic/fantasy into everything and if not them, something else.
X-Men is particularly guilty of doing this all the time.
So to sum up, I only enjoy Marvel comics if it’s a sci-fi concept on it’s own without any magic/fantasy elements.

DC characters just seem like cardboard cutouts with no personality beyond heroic cliches.
And the obsession their fanbase has with believing Batman is the best/can defeat anyone, well, I’ve seen him defeated instantly when he went up against someone with real power and who didn’t hold back in a fight.

I do have copies of the Incredibles Boom comics.
But it looks like the series is unfinished, since the plotline didn’t appear to end and well, no new issues have been published to the best of my knowledge.

Buckmana, I hate to break it to you but BOOM! Comics only did the Pixar ones back around 2010 or so…I actually remember seeing those back when I was in high school.

It just took me a while to find copies is all.
Heck, I didn’t even know there was an Incredibles comic until I discovered them by accident!
Somewhere, a marketing publicity manager needs a stern talking to…

I enjoy read adult comics and I like this comics.