Could someone make a sig for me?

I want it to show a picture of the alien from the new trailer of District 9, where it shows the aliens face. And make sure its were it shows his face up close. And I want it to say “Hello There” Also just search online “District 9 Alternative Trailer”


So what is it exactly that you are looking for?

I’d be happy to possibly help if you can be some more information on what you are looking for.


Watch this video:
and pause at 1:17 at make a picture and fit it to fit the full screen. If you don’t know I’ll tell you. And make it say “Hello there!”

There you go :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooh, very well done WALLE. I hope annarborjack loves it.

I do too :stuck_out_tongue:

Would someone tell me how to make your sig pictures show? Could someone watch the Toy Story 3 Teaser. Pause when it says “June 18,2010” and have it say “So they have to torture us for a year?”

Here ya go! :

In order for you to make your sigs show up on the forum you have to either upload them directly from your computer to a site like, use the IMG link found underneath the uploaded photo and copy it into the area that says ‘Signature’ when you edit your profile here.

But since you’re using someone else’s sig, you can probably just right-click on the image on this forum and copy the shortcut/or image location and paste that into your profile.

If you have any other questions just ask…



Could someone take the Toy Story 3 poster and The Last Airbender poster, but and in the middle say VS. in the middle and below say “The Ultimate Battle!”