Create You Own Horrible Non-Disney Sequel!

The Disney thread has given my ideas for non-Disney movies but I’ve never gotten to share them, so I created this thread! Let the fun begin!

Ferris Buller’s Day On
Weird Science 2: Stupid Science
The Wicker Man 2: The Plastic Man
Willy Wonka And The Crack Factory(I have another Willy Wonka idea but its a bit PG-13!)
District 10
300 II: Halo Spartans!
Titanic II: Sail On The Money Ship Which Comes Straight To Us!

WallStreet 3: It’s All About Money!

Harry Potter and the mid-age crisis
Planet 52
Super Mario Bros The Movie 2- Game Over
Willy Wonka the Oompa Loompete
The Social Network 2- You got a ne message

Super Mario Bros 2: Well make a better movie and you’ll pay to see it.

Back to the Past

Dude, Where’s my Truck?

Spiderman 4: Sam Rami’s sequel and not Marc Webb’s film.

Teenaged Mutant Ninka Turtles 5, Surviving the Real World.

Lord of the Rings- The Wedding Ring

Transformers 4, More Blasts = More Cash!

Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles 4: Cowabunga Dudes!

Shrek 7, but Wait, there’s Mo-gre

Shrek 5: The return of Lord Farquad.

Iron Giant 2 : Giant’s in Diguise
Titanic 2-012
War Games- Level 2

Spaceballs 2, the Search for more Money.

Friday The 13th Part 13: Friday The 12th
Star Wars Episode VII: Rise Of The Money Maker
Avatar 2: Sam And Nytri creating their XBOX 360 avatars, but slowed down to make it 3 hours long!
Spy Kids 5D: What is 5D anyway?
Saw VIII: The Money Trap, Your In It!
The Neverending Story IV: It really is The Neverending Story!
The Neverending Story V: The Neverending Money Story.
Star Trek 2: Journey To The Money Planet Where Money Grows On Trees!
Final Destination 6: Your know the drill
Scream 5: Guess the 3 characters who survive!

ET 2, The Search for a new Home

Jurastic Park 4 president.

Hangover 3, the Amazing Race around the world

The Wicker Man 2: How’d The Money Get Burned?! WE NEED MORE!!!
Seventeen Candles: Again?!
Ferris Bullers Day On
Ferris Bullers Day Off 3: Rooney Becomes Ferris’s Boss The Day He “Takes The Day Off”

Shrek 5 (simple as that)

Donkey’s Big Movie

Under The Hedge

Fish Tale

Kung Fu Panda 3: Were avoiding six films like Dreamworks had hoped

Terminater 5- Operation Wall-E