I’ve seen on FanFiction and DeviantArt a LOT of crossovers for the Incredibles, mostly starring Violet. One notable one is with Meet the Robinsons (Willet, anyone?) and this new one: The Big 4, also known as The Modern 4 and Meet the Incredible Big Hero Bolt. I’ve also seen a couple people pairing Violet with Danny Phantom.

Mainly I’m just curious what everyone’s thooughts are on these? I personally think they are interesting, both drama wise AND super wise.

When it comes to shipping, I’ll always support Viony (VioletxTony). I think that Wilbur and Vi looks cool, but just feels wrong, since he is form the future and technically is a lot younger than Vi. Vi and Danny Phantom, i haven’t heard of that. I think it’s a little too outlandish. Nope, Violet & Tony for me all the way.

The creepiest pairing I’ll admit is when people pair Violet with Syndrome. Talk about creepy.

I though this thread was gonna talk about potenital crossover ideas with TI. If anything, does anyone see TI teaming up with the Avengers, Big Hero 6, or the fantastic Four?

I’ll agree that Viony is sweet, but I also like experimenting with my own pairings. As for Synlet, everyone is entitled to their opinions…but seriously? SYndrome and Violet? I do NOT see it. Ca-ree-pay!

As for crossovers:
-I can see BH6. One thing people like to think is that Cass and Helen are old friends, so that could do something. A friendly visit turns into a super vs super battle, before TI and BH6 realize they’re being manipulated to fight each other by the villain.
-Avengers would be AWESOME!!! Could anyone see Vi and Dash being big fans of Cap and driving him crazy with questions?
-For Fantastic Four, if you mean the new movie, heck no. If you mean the mainstream team with no specific movie or cartoon based, then yeah, that would be pretty cool. They’d all accuse each other of ripping off their powers.

Personally, I’m working on a fanfic story that’s a crossover with Teen Titans and Danny Phantom. Basically, Syndrome (who survived) teams up with Slade and Plasmius to take out their foes and take over the world.

So yeah, ANYTHING with Incredibles crossovers, if you’ve got an idea or opinion, post it.

I don’t have a thing against crossovers. But my preference is when universes don’t cross over. But I would be interested in a TI and a Big Hero 6 crossover if I had to choose. Lots of super hero potential there. And it’s a lot of combining old school super heroes with new school super heroes.

I have a role play group where we cross over Incredibles, DC and Marvel as well as Kim possible.

What do you mean “when the universe don’t cross over”?

And for my TI, TT, and DP story, I do have a sequel idea that is a TI and BH6 crossover.

Well, i’m not really a big fan of crossovers. I like it when the universes stay independent from each other. But there are some that have been done right: Marvel universe, Flash/Arrow, etc.

Ooh, tell me more about it!

I can understand that.

Sure, I’ll send you a PM