Current Mood

I think this would be a useful thread to inform people of how you feel, in case any misunderstandings occur throughout the threads if people don’t know what the fluff is wrong with you. :-\

My current mood: Grouchy

You could post the reason if you like; doesn’t matter because the whole point of this thread is just to let members know the state of your mood.

Reason: Irritated by post.

~ Flare

I’m currently quite happy. I got to see a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a couple years. It was nice to catch up.

Mood: Both happy, and annoyed.

Reasons: My best friends are online and I’m able to talk to them, but I’m annoyed for my sister brought over her most annoying friend. Ugh. Someone save me!

I’m a bit annoyed at the moment, the person I was supposed to go see Up with tonight hasn’t replied to any of my calls or texts, and my mom is a bit iffy about me going to see it so many times. I’m reluctant to tell her I’m going, but I REALLY wanna go. I gotta get my count up! I’ll figure something out.

Hungry. I don’t feel like cooking up ramen though.

I’ll gladly go watch it with you, ffdude1906. Just send me a pair of air tickets to go and return from your country and I’ll gladly pay for my share of the movie ticket… after I exchange my Singapore cash into your currency first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Current mood: Amused

Reason: ^

~ Flare

If only sir, if only,…

I had a friend that went with me twice, but no one else wanted to go with me again. Oh well, I’ll just go again, unless she finally decides to call me.

Current Mood: Bummed, but feeling a bit better

Reason: Dragon :stuck_out_tongue:

Current mood: Awe+sad/disappointed.

Reason: Awe - Finally watched The Last Airbender teaser!

            Sad/Disappointed: [i]Up[/i] will not be the #1 movie this year perhaps.

Current mood: Somewhat annoyed.

Reason: Nobody’s commented on my latest video yet… I know it’s just a spoof comedy, but come on.

~ Flare

Current Mood: Tired, bored, and eager

Reasons: Sleep deprived, nothing to do, and I’m gonna see Dragon’s video :smiley:

Current mood: A little happier, but still annoyed.

Reason: ffdude1960’s comment cheered me up a little, but that doesn’t change the fact that…

TRANSFORMERS 2 SUCKED! DON’T GO WATCH IT IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE (and money)!!! It was the most boring 2 hours of my life! Even worse than TF1! At least in TF1, we have the robots actually having relationships with each other, but more on that in another thread and at a later time.

~ Flare

thanks for the spoiler, flare. i won’t be in theater this Friday. i knew it would be suck. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Current Mood: still tired, frustrated, surprised, and lost

Reasons: sleep deprived, can’t find a transparency tool on PS, surprised by Dragon’s post, and I don’t know where his video is :stuck_out_tongue:

Transformers was really that bad? XD I’ve been working on my Up fanart a bit, I’ll probably post my work in progress pretty soon. Getting a really small pic of the house together, gonna have it on the tepuis pretty soon.

I was wondering if I was watching a 2 hours long music video…

It’s in the Non-Pixar Art forum. You can’t miss it. It’s the only thread that has Transformers in its title. :wink:

~ Flare

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. Watch at your own risk [and money].

Mwahahaha…The Fallen really had fell down. He should get Up. lol

im currently tired, hungry, and lonely :[

whoa, Spunk! it’s been a while since i heard from you!

Mood: happy! :smiley:

Lonely? With that many pets? O.o I’m sorry, at least you have super awesome art!

Current Mood: REEALLY tired, mellow, somewhat bored, and a bit anxious

Reasons: It’s 5 am, not too much sleep, just chillin on my couch now, nothing on TV. I’m really anxious about learning photoshop. I’m pretty proud of what I managed to get done so far, even considering how small it is,… I think I might have a knack for it! :smiley:

Nice idea for a thread, Dragon of Omnipotency! :smiley:

Mood: Tired but happy.

Reason: I hadn’t really seen any of my friends since our exams had all ended, but last night a bunch of us went out to celebrate our freedom. To say we stayed out late is an understatement, so I ended up sleeping on a sofa at a friend’s house. It was a very good night but very tiring. :laughing:

Mood: Frustrated.

Reason: Windows Movie Maker always crashed. Can anyone recommend me other video editing software besides WMM and Sony Vegas?
[iMovie rocks!]