Dan*E's Graphics (LOOK AT THIS)

OoOh, that looks realy cool Dan-E. Kinda got me scared looking at it.

Wow, I like the dark twist.

Now you new one reminds me of the Terminator, especially with the red eye glow. :wink:


Here is one more. I think I’m running out of ideas… :confused:

I love the Dorry “Grumpy Gills” and “I-carly” ones Dan*E. Really cool and well thought up.

Great, original, and splendidly creative ideas there! My fave would be the “Hey there Mr. Gwumpy Gills!!” 'cause it fits! :laughing: the “iCarly” idea is also quite creative. And who could resist the first one…great work. (I don’t really get the “This is Sparta!” one… :confused:

bright dot-dasher: When I saw the picture online, I thought that if the Captain was saying something, it would be: “THIS…IS…SPARTAAAAA!!!” So, I took the picture and added the words. The Captain just seemed like he was in an angry “SPARTAAA!!!” pose. Anyways, here are some more graphics to advertise my upcoming FanFiction: PLANET 86.

Da-da-da-da!!! More!!

Haha, really funny. :laughing: Especially the last two.

I like your style, Dan*E! Your latest batch are really funny- my favourite has to be the one with Woody and Buzz on RC. :laughing:

Dude, Dan*E, the Woody and Buzz one is just absolutely hilarious. I love it.

Holy macaroni, here’s more!!

Dude, Jack-Jack looks really scarey. Nice job. I love them all, but that Jack-jack picture is going to give me nightmares.

You make really funny ones! Whoa- just look at those red eyes! :laughing: Looks like you’re not running out of ideas anymore. :wink:

Interesting sigs, since I last checked.

I’m very very excited to see what Planet 86 is all about! Any new Wall-E fanfic is fine by me! :D

The "Rat crap" sig is a little low :-\ … though it did remind me of the [url=http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/article5052872.ece:15u2anl3]Coogee Beach ice-cream incident[/url:15u2anl3] in Oz.

Jack Jack’s sig is probably gonna give me sleepless nights too… but if fits since they played that "creepy choir music" during the short.

I love the "Burn-E Ultimatum" best since it has a witty tagline, is simple and yet striking, and is a marvelous reference to the plot of that particular short. :)

Wow, it’s a sham!!

These signatures are so refreshing. My favourites would be “elevator” and “qwumpy gills”. "Keep up the hilarious graphics. :mrgreen:

THese are really funny. I love them! Keep it up. You certainly know how to make me laugh. :wink:

Thanks for your support, everyone! I’m glad you like these, because here’s some more (and this time they aren’t Pixar related)!!

By the way, am I allowed to post non-Pixar graphics here?