Dan*E's Graphics (LOOK AT THIS)

Here are some graphics i made on Paint.NET

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Tee hee. Simple but cute. I especially liked the “You’re not Luxo!” one.

Those are some creative interpretations right there. The WALL•E one would fit in well as a print in a modern art museum. Very cute.

Not bad Dan-E. Really well done.

Haha, those are pretty sweet, the J-O one especially! Nice work, Dan*E.

Definitely original…:wink:


Thanks, everyone! :smiley: I’ll try to get more done if I can think of any other ideas.

Nice job! I especially like the Wall-E and Hal ones and of course the J-O one.

Here are 2 more:

I thought WALL-E came out on the 27th-ish.

Nice pics there Dan*E! I really like the one of J-O!

Oh. Well, I can never remember anything :confused:
I’m not fixing it though (Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!) :smiling_imp:

I love the second one Dan*E. It looks really cute, like a valentines day card.

Wow, I didn’t know you can create art with Paint!

I like the “You are now under my control” and “You’re not Luxo!” ones. The rest are also cute and simple. Like postmodern cubism meets Japanese chibis. Or sumthin liddat.

Any reason why you named M-O J-O? :question:

Well, I first drew these ideas on paper, but since I couldn’t draw WALL*E exactly, I just made it easier to draw. Since it was different, I named it different (Wally). So I named M-O: J-O and EVE: EVA.

Lovable and neat! I especially like the “You are now under my control” one and the one where WALL-E’s hand is holding EVE’s.

Here are even more, but this time with a twist:

Very creatvie Dan*E. I love the E-vil one.

That series kinda reminded me of Kill Bill stylistically, with the red, black and yellow colour scheme and the diagonal slash. Was that intentional? :slight_smile:

No, it actually wasn’t. I’ve never seen Kill Bill before! :open_mouth: Freaky…

Even more (the onslaught never ends!! Ahh!!!)

Edited. I combined both of your posts. – Mitch